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Adds xinetd

  • xinetd/xinetd-config-exp.xml

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     2<title>Configuration command explanations</title>
     4cp /etc/xinetd.conf /etc/xinetd.conf.bak : </userinput>
     5Save the current xinetd.conf file, if it exists.</para>
     8sed -e 's/etc/sbin/g' xinetd/sample.config > /etc/xinetd.conf
     11insure the path to all daemons is /usr/sbin, rather than the
     12default path of /usr/etc.</para>
     15ln -s  /etc/rc.d/init.d/xinetd /etc/rc.d/rc3.d/S300xinetd, etc. :
     17Create the xinetd runlevel symlinks to the xinetd boot script, used to
     18start and stop xinetd automatically on machine startup and
     21<para>The format of the <filename>/etc/xinetd.conf</filename> is
     22documented in the xinetd.conf man page.  Further information can be
     23found at <ulink url="http://www.xinetd.org"/>.</para>
  • xinetd/xinetd-config.xml

    diff --exclude=CVS --exclude='bind*' -Naur ./xinetd/xinetd-config.xml /home/billy/NEWBLFS/BOOK/server/other/xinetd/xinetd-config.xml
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     2<title>Configuring xinetd</title>
     3<para>Create the xinetd.conf file with the following commands: </para>
     6cp /etc/xinetd.conf /etc/xinetd.conf.bak
     7sed -e 's/etc/sbin/g' xinetd/sample.conf &gt; /etc/xinetd.conf
     10<sect3><title>Config files</title>
     13<para>Create the xinetd boot script:</para>
     15cat &gt; /etc/rc.d/init.d/xinetd &lt;&lt; "EOF"
     17# Begin $rc_base/init.d/xinetd
     18# Based on sysklogd script from LFS-3.1 and earlier.
     19# Rewritten by Gerard Beekmans  - gerard@linuxfromscratch.org
     20source /etc/sysconfig/rc
     21source $rc_functions
     22case "$1" in
     23        start)
     24                echo "Starting xinetd..."
     25                loadproc /usr/sbin/xinetd
     26                ;;
     27        stop)
     28                echo "Stopping xinetd..."
     29                killproc /usr/sbin/xinetd
     30                ;;
     31        reload)
     32                echo "Reloading xinetd..."
     33                killall -HUP xinetd
     34                ;;
     35        restart)
     36                $0 stop
     37                sleep 1
     38                $0 start
     39                ;;
     40        status)
     41                statusproc /usr/sbin/xinetd
     42                ;;
     43        *)
     44                echo "Usage: $0 {start|stop|reload|restart|status}"
     45                exit 1
     46                ;;
     48# End $rc_base/init.d/xinetd
     52<para>Add the run level symlinks:</para>
     54chmod 754 /etc/rc.d/init.d/xinetd &&
     55ln -s  /etc/rc.d/init.d/xinetd /etc/rc.d/rc0.d/K300xinetd &&
     56ln -s  /etc/rc.d/init.d/xinetd /etc/rc.d/rc1.d/K300xinetd &&
     57ln -s  /etc/rc.d/init.d/xinetd /etc/rc.d/rc2.d/K300xinetd &&
     58ln -s  /etc/rc.d/init.d/xinetd /etc/rc.d/rc3.d/S300xinetd &&
     59ln -s  /etc/rc.d/init.d/xinetd /etc/rc.d/rc4.d/S300xinetd &&
     60ln -s  /etc/rc.d/init.d/xinetd /etc/rc.d/rc5.d/S300xinetd &&
     61ln -s  /etc/rc.d/init.d/xinetd /etc/rc.d/rc6.d/K300xinetd
     64<para>Now, we'll use our new boot script to start xinetd: </para>
     66/etc/rc.d/init.d/xinetd start
     69<para>Checking the <filename>/var/log/daemon.log</filename> file
     70should prove quite entertaining.  This file may contain entries
     71similar to the following: </para>
     74Aug 22 21:40:21 dps10 xinetd[2696]: Server /usr/sbin/in.rlogind is not
     75executable [line=29]
     76Aug 22 21:40:21 dps10 xinetd[2696]: Error parsing attribute server -
     77DISABLING SERVICE [line=29]
     78Aug 22 21:40:21 dps10 xinetd[2696]: Server /usr/sbin/in.rshd is not
     79executable [line=42]
     82<para>These errors are due to the fact that we don't have most of the
     83servers that xinetd is trying to control installed yet.</para></sect3>
  • xinetd/xinetd-desc.xml

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     4<para>The xinetd package contains
     6<userinput>itox</userinput> and
     12<para>xinetd is the internet services daemon.</para></sect3>
     14<para>itox is a utility used for converting inetd.conf files to
     15xinetd.conf format.</para></sect3>
     17<para>xconv.pl is a perl script used for converting inetd.conf files
     18to xinetd.conf format, similar to itox.</para></sect3>
  • xinetd/xinetd-exp.xml

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     2<title>Installation command explanations</title>
     4<para><userinput>    ./configure --prefix=/usr : </userinput></para>
     6<para>Change the default installation directory of /usr/local.</para>
  • xinetd/xinetd-inst.xml

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     2<title>Installation of xinetd</title>
     4<para>Install xinetd by running the following commands:</para>
     6./configure    --prefix=/usr &amp;&amp;
     7make &amp;&amp;
     8make install
  • xinetd/xinetd-intro.xml

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     2<title>Introduction to xinetd</title>
     4<screen>Download location (HTTP):       <ulink url="&xinetd-download-http;"/>
     5Version used:                   &xinetd-version;
     6Package size:                   &xinetd-size;
     7Estimated Disk space required:  &xinetd-buildsize;</screen>
     9<para>xinetd is the eXtended InterNET services daemon, a secure
     10replacement for inetd.</para></sect2>
  • xinetd/xinetd.ent

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    11<!ENTITY xinetd SYSTEM "../xinetd.xml">
     2<!ENTITY xinetd-intro SYSTEM "xinetd-intro.xml">
     3<!ENTITY xinetd-inst SYSTEM "xinetd-inst.xml">
     4<!ENTITY xinetd-exp SYSTEM "xinetd-exp.xml">
     5<!ENTITY xinetd-config-exp SYSTEM "xinetd-config-exp.xml">
     6<!ENTITY xinetd-desc SYSTEM "xinetd-desc.xml">
     7<!ENTITY xinetd-config SYSTEM "xinetd-config.xml">
     8<!ENTITY xinetd-buildsize "1.2 MB">
     9<!ENTITY xinetd-version "2.3.7">
     10<!ENTITY xinetd-download-http
     12<!ENTITY xinetd-download-ftp "">
     13<!ENTITY xinetd-size "300 KB">
  • xinetd.xml

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    1 <sect1 id="xinetd" xreflabel="xinetd">
     1<sect1 id="xinetd" xreflabel="xinetd-&xinetd-version;">
    22<?dbhtml filename="xinetd.html" dir="server"?>
    3 <title>xinetd</title>
    5 <para>TO BE DONE</para>