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Patch for text updates to BLFS

  • trunk/BOOK/introduction/welcome/acknowledgments.xml

    6464    </listitem>
    6565    <listitem>
    6666      <para><ulink url="mailto:highos@&lfs-domainname;">Jesse
    67       Tie-Ten-Quee</ulink> &lt;higho &lt;at&gt; @&lfs-domainname;&gt; for
     67      Tie-Ten-Quee</ulink> &lt;higho &lt;at&gt; &lfs-domainname;&gt; for
    6868      answering many questions on IRC, having a great deal of patience and for
    6969      not killing the former editor for the joke in the original BLFS
    7070      announcement!</para>
  • trunk/BOOK/introduction/important/beyond.xml

    113113    <listitem>
    114114      <para>If you are having a problem compiling the package, try
    115115      searching the LFS archives at
    116       <ulink url="http://search.&lfs-domainname;/"/> for the error or if
     116      <ulink url="http://www.&lfs-domainname;/search.html"/> for the error or if
    117117      that fails, try searching Google. If everything else fails,
    118118      try the blfs-support mailing-list.</para>
    119119    </listitem>
  • trunk/BOOK/postlfs/config/bootdisk.xml

    2121    <para>This section is really about creating a <emphasis>rescue</emphasis>
    2222    device.  As the name <emphasis>rescue</emphasis> implies, the host
    2323    system has a problem, often lost partition information or corrupted file
    24     systems, that prevent it from booting and/or operating normally.  For
     24    systems, that prevents it from booting and/or operating normally.  For
    2525    this reason, you <emphasis>must not</emphasis> depend on resources from
    2626    the host being "rescued".  To presume that any given partition or hard
    2727    drive <emphasis>will</emphasis> be available is a risky presumption.</para>
  • trunk/BOOK/postlfs/editors/vim.xml

    206206      <title>Configuration Information</title>
    208208      <para><application>Vim-7.0</application> introduced an
    209       integrated spell checker that doesn't requires additional libraries to be
     209      integrated spell checker that doesn't require additional libraries to be
    210210      installed.  To enable the spell checker you can set the following in
    211211      one of the configuration files: </para>
    224224      from: <ulink url="ftp://ftp.vim.org/pub/vim/runtime/spell/"/> and save
    225225      them to <filename class="directory"> ~/.vim/spell </filename> or in
    226226      <filename class="directory">
    227       /usr/share/vim/vim70/spell/</filename>.</para>
     227      /usr/share/vim/vim71/spell/</filename>.</para>
    229229      <para>For more information about the spell checker and some other
    230230      features in  <application>Vim-&vim-version;</application> (such us
    248248    <para>A list of the reinstalled files, along with their short
    249249    descriptions can be found in the <ulink
    250250    url="&lfs-root;/chapter06/vim.html#contents-vim">LFS Vim Installation
    251     Instrutions</ulink></para>
     251    Instructions</ulink></para>
    253253    <segmentedlist>
    254254      <segtitle>Installed Programs</segtitle>
  • trunk/BOOK/gnome/add/gnome-audio.xml

    3232    <para>The <application>gnome-audio</application> package contains a set
    3333    of default sounds for the <application>GNOME</application> GUI desktop.
    3434    Sound files for startup, shutdown and many GTK+ events are included.
    35     These sounds compliment the <application>GNOME Media</application>
     35    These sounds complement the <application>GNOME Media</application>
    3636    package.</para>
    3838    <bridgehead renderas="sect3">Package Information</bridgehead>
  • trunk/BOOK/x/installing/x7server.xml

    9090    </note>
    9292    <para>A <ulink url='http://wiki.x.org/wiki/Development/Security'>security
    93     vulnerability</ulink> have been identified in the xorg-server
     93    vulnerability</ulink> has been identified in the xorg-server
    9494    package. Apply a patch to fix this vulnerability with the following
    9595    command:</para>
  • trunk/BOOK/x/installing/x-config.xml

    9696      these properly, you will notice a resolution much lower than desired.
    9797      The default <option>HorizSync</option> setting is 28-33kHz which is very
    9898      conservative.  The default  <option>VertRefresh</option> is 43-72Hz.
    99       Consult your monitor documentation or search on line for the proper
     99      Consult your monitor documentation or search online for the proper
    100100      settings for your monitor.</para>
    102102      <para>It is also possible to control many detailed timing characteristics
    117117      or via a graphical interface such as <application>KDE</application>'s
    118118      Control Center.</para>
    120       <para>A typical monitor sections will normally look like:</para>
     120      <para>A typical monitor section will normally look like:</para>
    122122<screen><literal>Section "Monitor"
    123123    DisplaySize   400   300 # mm
  • trunk/BOOK/general/sysutils/pciutils.xml

    9191    <para><command>sed -i 's/null ;/null 2>\&amp;1 ;/'
    9292    update-pciids.sh</command>: This command suppresses some unneeded screen
    9393    output from the <command>update-pciids</command> command if you don't have
    94     either <application>Lynx</application> or <application>Wget</application>
    95     installed by redirecting the stderr output of the embedded
    96     <command>which</command> command to <filename>/dev/null</filename>.</para>
     94    either <application>Lynx</application>, <application>Wget</application>,
     95    or <application>Curl</application> installed by redirecting the stderr
     96    output of the embedded <command>which</command> command to
     97    <filename>/dev/null</filename>.</para>
    9899  </sect2>