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[f45b1953]5Ok, so you have downloaded the XML source. Now what? You are probably
[97e4364]6wanting to convert these XML files to easier to read HTML, PDF, TXT
7or other formatted files.
[97e4364]9To install the programs you need to generate these formats, you need
10to have or install the following packages:
14DocBook XSL Stylesheets-1.68.1
[feb9edf]15DocBook XML DTD-4.5
[97e4364]16tidy (optional for html)
[feb9edf]17JDK (for pdf)
[97e4364]18FOP (for pdf)
[feb9edf]20The installation instructions for all these packages are available
[fb3dd289]21in the BLFS book from one of the mirrors found at
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