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1How do I convert these XML files to HTML? You need to have some software
2installed that deal with these conversions. Please read the INSTALL file to
3determine what programs you need to install and where to get instructions to
4install that software.
6After that, you can build the html with a simple 'make' command.
7The default target builds the html in $(HOME)/public_html/blfs-book.
9For all targets, setting the parameter REV=systemd is needed to build the
10systemd version of the book.
12Other Makefile targets are: nochunks, validate, and blfs-patch-list.
14nochunks: builds BLFS in one huge file.
16validate: does an extensive check for xml errors in the book.
18blfs-patch-list: generates a list of all blfs controlled patches in the book.
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