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1<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>
2<!DOCTYPE appendix PUBLIC "-//OASIS//DTD DocBook XML V4.4//EN"
3 "" [
4 <!ENTITY % general-entities SYSTEM "../general.ent">
5 %general-entities;
8<appendix id="AFL" xreflabel="Academic Free License v. 2.1">
9 <?dbhtml filename="ac-free-lic.html" dir="appendices"?>
11 <appendixinfo>
12 <othername>$LastChangedBy: bdubbs $</othername>
13 <date>$Date$</date>
14 </appendixinfo>
16 <title>Academic Free License v. 2.1</title>
18 <para>This Academic Free License (the "License") applies to any original work of
19 authorship (the "Original Work") whose owner (the "Licensor") has placed the
20 following notice immediately following the copyright notice for the Original
21 Work:</para>
23 <blockquote>
24 <para><emphasis>Licensed under the Academic Free License version
25 2.1</emphasis></para>
26 </blockquote>
28 <orderedlist numeration='arabic'>
30 <listitem>
31 <para> Grant of Copyright License. Licensor hereby grants You a
32 world-wide, royalty-free, non-exclusive, perpetual, sublicenseable license to
33 do the following:</para>
35 <itemizedlist spacing='compact'>
36 <listitem>
37 <para>to reproduce the Original Work in copies;</para>
38 </listitem>
39 <listitem>
40 <para>to prepare derivative works ("Derivative Works") based upon
41 the Original Work;</para>
42 </listitem>
43 <listitem>
44 <para>to distribute copies of the Original Work and Derivative Works
45 to the public;</para>
46 </listitem>
47 <listitem>
48 <para>to perform the Original Work publicly; and</para>
49 </listitem>
50 <listitem>
51 <para>to display the Original Work publicly. </para>
52 </listitem>
53 </itemizedlist>
54 </listitem>
56 <listitem>
57 <para>Grant of Patent License. Licensor hereby grants You a
58 world-wide, royalty-free, non-exclusive, perpetual, sublicenseable license,
59 under patent claims owned or controlled by the Licensor that are embodied in
60 the Original Work as furnished by the Licensor, to make, use, sell and offer
61 for sale the Original Work and Derivative Works.</para>
62 </listitem>
64 <listitem>
65 <para>Grant of Source Code License. The term "Source Code" means the
66 preferred form of the Original Work for making modifications to it and all
67 available documentation describing how to modify the Original Work. Licensor
68 hereby agrees to provide a machine-readable copy of the Source Code of the
69 Original Work along with each copy of the Original Work that Licensor
70 distributes. Licensor reserves the right to satisfy this obligation by placing
71 a machine-readable copy of the Source Code in an information repository
72 reasonably calculated to permit inexpensive and convenient access by You for as
73 long as Licensor continues to distribute the Original Work, and by publishing
74 the address of that information repository in a notice immediately following
75 the copyright notice that applies to the Original Work. </para>
76 </listitem>
78 <listitem>
79 <para>Exclusions From License Grant. Neither the names of Licensor,
80 nor the names of any contributors to the Original Work, nor any of their
81 trademarks or service marks, may be used to endorse or promote products derived
82 from this Original Work without express prior written permission of the
83 Licensor. Nothing in this License shall be deemed to grant any rights to
84 trademarks, copyrights, patents, trade secrets or any other intellectual
85 property of Licensor except as expressly stated herein. No patent license is
86 granted to make, use, sell or offer to sell embodiments of any patent claims
87 other than the licensed claims defined in Section 2. No right is granted to the
88 trademarks of Licensor even if such marks are included in the Original Work.
89 Nothing in this License shall be interpreted to prohibit Licensor from
90 licensing under different terms from this License any Original Work that
91 Licensor otherwise would have a right to license.</para>
92 </listitem>
94 <listitem>
95 <para>This section intentionally omitted.</para>
96 </listitem>
98 <listitem>
99 <para>Attribution Rights. You must retain, in the Source Code of any
100 Derivative Works that You create, all copyright, patent or trademark notices
101 from the Source Code of the Original Work, as well as any notices of licensing
102 and any descriptive text identified therein as an "Attribution Notice." You
103 must cause the Source Code for any Derivative Works that You create to carry a
104 prominent Attribution Notice reasonably calculated to inform recipients that
105 You have modified the Original Work.</para>
106 </listitem>
108 <listitem>
109 <para>Warranty of Provenance and Disclaimer of Warranty. Licensor
110 warrants that the copyright in and to the Original Work and the patent rights
111 granted herein by Licensor are owned by the Licensor or are sublicensed to You
112 under the terms of this License with the permission of the contributor(s) of
113 those copyrights and patent rights. Except as expressly stated in the
114 immediately proceeding sentence, the Original Work is provided under this
115 License on an "AS IS" BASIS and WITHOUT WARRANTY, either express or implied,
116 including, without limitation, the warranties of NON-INFRINGEMENT,
119 constitutes an essential part of this License. No license to Original Work is
120 granted hereunder except under this disclaimer.</para>
121 </listitem>
123 <listitem>
124 <para>Limitation of Liability. Under no circumstances and under no
125 legal theory, whether in tort (including negligence), contract, or otherwise,
126 shall the Licensor be liable to any person for any direct, indirect, special,
127 incidental, or consequential damages of any character arising as a result of
128 this License or the use of the Original Work including, without limitation,
129 damages for loss of goodwill, work stoppage, computer failure or malfunction,
130 or any and all other commercial damages or losses. This limitation of liability
131 shall not apply to liability for death or personal injury resulting from
132 Licensor's negligence to the extent applicable law prohibits such limitation.
133 Some jurisdictions do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or
134 consequential damages, so this exclusion and limitation may not apply to You.
135 </para>
136 </listitem>
138 <listitem>
139 <para>Acceptance and Termination. If You distribute copies of the
140 Original Work or a Derivative Work, You must make a reasonable effort under the
141 circumstances to obtain the express assent of recipients to the terms of this
142 License. Nothing else but this License (or another written agreement between
143 Licensor and You) grants You permission to create Derivative Works based upon
144 the Original Work or to exercise any of the rights granted in Section 1 herein,
145 and any attempt to do so except under the terms of this License (or another
146 written agreement between Licensor and You) is expressly prohibited by U.S.
147 copyright law, the equivalent laws of other countries, and by international
148 treaty. Therefore, by exercising any of the rights granted to You in Section 1
149 herein, You indicate Your acceptance of this License and all of its terms and
150 conditions.</para>
151 </listitem>
153 <listitem>
154 <para>Termination for Patent Action. This License shall terminate
155 automatically and You may no longer exercise any of the rights granted to You
156 by this License as of the date You commence an action, including a cross-claim
157 or counterclaim, against Licensor or any licensee alleging that the Original
158 Work infringes a patent. This termination provision shall not apply for an
159 action alleging patent infringement by combinations of the Original Work with
160 other software or hardware.</para>
161 </listitem>
163 <listitem>
164 <para>Jurisdiction, Venue and Governing Law. Any action or suit
165 relating to this License may be brought only in the courts of a jurisdiction
166 wherein the Licensor resides or in which Licensor conducts its primary
167 business, and under the laws of that jurisdiction excluding its conflict-of-law
168 provisions. The application of the United Nations Convention on Contracts for
169 the International Sale of Goods is expressly excluded. Any use of the Original
170 Work outside the scope of this License or after its termination shall be
171 subject to the requirements and penalties of the U.S. Copyright Act, 17 U.S.C.
172 § 101 et seq., the equivalent laws of other countries, and international
173 treaty. This section shall survive the termination of this
174 License.</para>
175 </listitem>
177 <listitem>
178 <para>Attorneys Fees. In any action to enforce the terms of this
179 License or seeking damages relating thereto, the prevailing party shall be
180 entitled to recover its costs and expenses, including, without limitation,
181 reasonable attorneys' fees and costs incurred in connection with such action,
182 including any appeal of such action. This section shall survive the termination
183 of this License. </para>
184 </listitem>
186 <listitem>
187 <para>Definition of "You" in This License. "You" throughout this
188 License, whether in upper or lower case, means an individual or a legal entity
189 exercising rights under, and complying with all of the terms of, this License.
190 For legal entities, "You" includes any entity that controls, is controlled by,
191 or is under common control with you. For purposes of this definition, "control"
192 means (i) the power, direct or indirect, to cause the direction or management
193 of such entity, whether by contract or otherwise, or (ii) ownership of fifty
194 percent (50%) or more of the outstanding shares, or (iii) beneficial ownership
195 of such entity.</para>
196 </listitem>
198 <listitem>
199 <para>Right to Use. You may use the Original Work in all ways not
200 otherwise restricted or conditioned by this License or by law, and Licensor
201 promises not to interfere with or be responsible for such uses by
202 You.</para>
203 </listitem>
205 </orderedlist>
207 <para>This license is Copyright (C) 2003-2004 Lawrence E. Rosen. All rights
208 reserved. Permission is hereby granted to copy and distribute this license
209 without modification. This license may not be modified without the express
210 written permission of its copyright owner.</para>
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