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Cleanup IV. Networking

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16 <title>NFS Utilities-&nfs-utils-version; Client</title>
18 <para>The NFS Utilities package provides NFS server functionality as well
19 as client software such as <command>mount.nfs</command> or <command>umount.nfs</command>.
20 If you want to install it, the instructions can be
21 found in Chapter 19 &ndash; <xref linkend="nfs-utils"/>. Note that if you only
22 want to use the client, you do <emphasis>not</emphasis> need to run the server
23 and so do not need the startup script and links. In accordance with good
24 practice, only run the server if you actually need it (and if you don't know
25 whether you need it or not, it's likely that you don't!).</para>
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