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2<title>Command explanations</title>
[54c82d7]4<para><userinput>patch -Np1 -i ../pine-4.44-fhs.patch</userinput> : This patch will make Pine use /etc for configuration files.</para>
[54c82d7]6<para><userinput>patch -Np1 -i ../pine-4.44-imap.patch</userinput> : This patch fixes a DoS vulnerability in the IMAP handling code.</para>
[d48dba5e]8<para>The build procedure for Pine is somewhat unusual, in that
9options usually passed as ./configure options or housed in $CFLAGS
10must all be passed on the command line to the ./build script.</para>
[54c82d7]12<para><userinput>./build slx</userinput> : Pine offers quite a few target platforms, slx specifies Linux using
[d48dba5e]13-lcrypt to get the crypt function. See the
14<filename>doc/pine-ports</filename> file for more information and
15other authentication options.</para>
[54c82d7]17<para><userinput>DEBUG='-Os '</userinput> : Optimize binaries for size.</para>
[54c82d7]19<para><userinput>MAILSPOOL='/var/mail'</userinput> : Location of mail spool files, <filename>/var/mail.</filename></para>
[54c82d7]21<para><screen><userinput>cd bin &amp;&amp;
22install pine /usr/bin</userinput></screen>
[d48dba5e]23This is all that is required to install Pine, all other executables
24may be installed in the same manner.</para>
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