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2<title>Command explanations</title>
4<para><option>--disable-syslogd</option>: This switch prevents
5<application>Inetutils</application> installing a System Log Daemon, which is
6installed in the <acronym>LFS</acronym> Book.</para>
8<para><option>--with-wrap</option>: This switch makes <application>Inetutils
9</application> compile against <application>tcp-wrappers</application>. Add
10this option if you want to utilize <application>tcp-wrappers</application>.
13<para><option>--disable-whois</option>: This switch will prevent
14<application>Inetutils</application> installing a whois client, since the
15included whois client is out of date. Add this option if you plan on installing
16<xref linkend="whois"/>.</para>
18<para><option>--with-pam</option>: This switch makes <application>Inetutils
19</application> link against <application>Linux-<acronym>PAM</acronym></application> libraries.
20Add this option if you want to utilize <acronym>PAM</acronym>.
23<para><option>--disable-servers</option>: Some of the servers included with
24<application>Inetutils</application> are insecure in nature and in some cases
25better alternatives exist. You can choose this switch to enable only the
26servers you need, avoiding the installation of unneeded servers.</para>
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