Installation of ncftp There are two ways to build ncftp. The first (and optimal) way, builds most of the functionality as a shared library and then builds and installs the program linked against this library. The second method simply links all of the functionality into the binary statically. This doesn't make the dynamic library available for linking by other applications. You need to choose which method best suits you. Note that the second method does not create an entirely statically linked binary; only the libncftp parts are statically linked in, in this case. To install ncftp using the first (and optimal) method, run the following commands: ./configure --prefix=/usr && cd libncftp && make shared && make soinstall && cd .. && make && make install To install ncftp using the second method (with the libncftp functionality linked in statically) run the following commands: ./configure --prefix=/usr && make && make install