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2<title>Installation of <application>ncftp</application></title>
4<para>There are two ways to build <application>ncftp</application>. The first
5(and optimal) way, builds most of the functionality as a shared library and
6then builds and installs the program linked against this library. The second
7method simply links all of the functionality into the binary statically. This
8doesn't make the dynamic library available for linking by other
9applications. You need to choose which method best suits you. Note
10that the second method does <emphasis>not</emphasis> create an entirely
11statically linked binary; only the <filename>libncftp</filename> parts are
12statically linked in, in this case. Be aware that building and using the shared
13library is covered by the Clarified Artistic License; however, developing
14applications that utilize the shared library is subject to a different license.
17<para>To install <application>ncftp</application> using the first (and optimal)
18method, run the following commands:</para>
20<screen><userinput><command>./configure --prefix=/usr &amp;&amp;
21cd libncftp &amp;&amp;
22make shared &amp;&amp;
23make soinstall &amp;&amp;
24cd .. &amp;&amp;
25make &amp;&amp;
26make install</command></userinput></screen>
28<para>To install <application>ncftp</application> using the second method (with
29the <filename>libncftp</filename> functionality linked in statically) run the
30following commands:</para>
32<screen><userinput><command>./configure --prefix=/usr &amp;&amp;
33make &amp;&amp;
34make install</command></userinput></screen>
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