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2<title>Command explanations</title>
4<para><screen><command>sed 's/-o bin/-o root/'...</command></screen>
5Adjusts the <filename>Makefile</filename> so that the program is installed
6with user root instead of user bin (which doesn't exist on a default
7<acronym>LFS</acronym> system).</para>
9<para><command>make install</command>: Installs <command>traceroute</command>
10setuid root in the <filename>/usr/sbin</filename> directory. This makes it
11possible for all users to execute <command>traceroute</command>. For absolute
12security, turn off the setuid bit in <command>traceroute</command>'s file
13permissions with the command:
14<screen><command>chmod 0755 /usr/sbin/traceroute</command></screen></para>
16<para>The risk is that if a security problem such as a buffer overflow were
17ever found in the <application>Traceroute</application> code, a regular user
18on your system could gain root access if the program is setuid root. Removing
19the setuid permission of course also makes it impossible for users other than
20root to utilize <command>traceroute</command>, so decide what's right for your
21individual situation.</para>
23<para>Now, to be completely <acronym>FHS</acronym> compliant, as is our aim, if
24you do leave the <command>traceroute</command> binary setuid root, then you
25should move <filename>traceroute</filename> to <filename>/usr/bin</filename>
26with the following command:
27<screen><command>mv /usr/sbin/traceroute /usr/bin</command></screen></para>
29<para>This ensures that the binary is in the path for non-root users.</para>
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