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16 <title>Foreword to Version 6.2.0</title>
18 <!--
19 <para>Version 6.0 is a major milestone in the evolution of BLFS. This
20 version provides installation instructions for 357 packages and an additional
21 21 sections covering configuration and customization of different aspects
22 of your system.</para>
24 <para>Changes and upgrades to the individual packages are detailed in the
25 <xref linkend="changelog"/>. There you will see literally hundreds of
26 changes made since the last edition. In this change log, one name that you
27 will see over and over is Randy McMurchy. Without his efforts this
28 release would not have been possible. I want to take this opportunity to thank
29 him for the hundreds of hours he has worked to produce this release. I
30 also want to thank the other editors, both past and present, whose insight
31 and effort have made this current version possible. Last, but certainly not least,
32 I want to thank our resident XSL wizard, Manuel Canales Esparcia, whose
33 ability to format a complicated document such as BLFS is truly amazing.</para>
35 <para>There are two other areas of change that are worthy of note. First,
36 the license that BLFS is released under has changed significantly. In
37 fact, it is now released under two licenses. The first license, the
38 <xref linkend="CC"/>, covers the descriptive text in the book. The second, the
39 <xref linkend="AFL"/>, covers the instructions actually used to build and
40 install the packages. These licenses, along with the book itself, represent
41 our ongoing commitment to open and free software.</para>
43 <para>The final area of change is the addition of an Index. This section of
44 the book is still incomplete, but as the book continues to be developed,
45 will become an excellent resource for finding programs, libraries,
46 configuration files, and references to kernel configuration requirements. I
47 hope you find it useful.</para>
49 <blockquote>
50<literallayout>Bruce Dubbs
51March 17, 2005</literallayout>
52 </blockquote>
54 <para>Version 6.1 is an incremental update of BLFS. This version
55 continues the tradition of providing an extensive set of instructions for
56 extending a basic Linux From Scratch system. The instructions in this
57 version of BLFS are based on the LFS 6.1 Book. As usual, the list of
58 packages that have been upgraded or added are in the
59 <xref linkend="changelog"/>.</para>
61 <para>One major accomplishment in this
62 version of the book is the completion of the Index. This section
63 is now a relatively complete (but not perfect) reference for the components
64 of the various packages in the book.</para>
66 <para>In any task as large and complex as this book, there are bound to
67 be errors. The editors of the book are dedicated to keeping the book up
68 to date. We appreciate any feedback in helping us to make the book as
69 accurate as possible. The best place to provide comments is via the
70 mailing list at <ulink url="mailto:blfs-dev@&lfs-domainname;"/>.</para>
72 <para>Enjoy!</para>
74 <blockquote>
75<literallayout>Bruce Dubbs
76August 1, 2005</literallayout>
77 </blockquote>
78 -->
80 <para>Version 6.2.0 is the complement to the LFS 6.2 book. More time has
81 elapsed between the release of the previous version (6.1) and this one than
82 in any other release cycle. Much of this is due to the fact that LFS 6.2
83 took much longer to be released than was originally anticipated. Many new
84 packages have been introduced in the 6.2.0 version, as well as many
85 updates, refinements and additions to the existing packages.</para>
87 <para>The BLFS book now provides build and configuration instructions for
88 almost 400 packages. Some of the new packages introduced in this version are:
89 autotooled XOrg, HAL, D-BUS, GStreamer (now broken out into separate plugin
90 packages), usbutils, libquicktime, GraphViz, K3b, dvd+rw-tools, NSS, Libidn,
91 GAIM, Poppler, SeaMonkey, XChat, Audacious, cairo and unixODBC. Major updates
92 include GNOME-2.14.3 (with several new GNOME packages such as Totem,
93 gnome-mount and gnome-volume-manager), KDE-3.5.6, Firefox-1.5.x,
94 Thunderbird-1.5.x, and most of the mainline server packages. As always, the
95 list of packages that have been upgraded or added as well as configuration
96 and build command changes are annotated in the
97 <xref linkend="changelog"/>.</para>
99 <para>Unfortunately, BLFS activity was semi-stagnant for several months
100 after (and shortly before) the LFS 6.2 release. Therefore, many of the
101 packages are somewhat dated (compared to previous BLFS versions). This
102 brings us to why the versioning scheme has changed. This release is 6.2.0
103 as we fully anticipate releasing another version (6.2.1) just as soon as
104 possible. The 6.2.1 release will also be based on the LFS-6.2 book, but
105 will include updated packages, and fixes for any errors which may be
106 discovered in 6.2.0.</para>
108 <para>As always, the main thrust of BLFS development will be to support
109 the changes in the current LFS development book, but any changes or
110 updates to the BLFS development book (that are compatible with LFS 6.2)
111 will also be merged into the BLFS 6.2 branch. This way, a 6.2.1 version
112 of BLFS should be released fairly soon, and should provide a very current
113 and stable Linux platform.</para>
115 <para>Enjoy!</para>
117 <blockquote>
118<literallayout>Randy McMurchy
119January 31, 2007</literallayout>
120 </blockquote>
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