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14 <title>Preface</title>
16 <para>Having helped out with Linux From Scratch for a short time, I
17 noticed that we were getting many queries as to how to do things beyond
18 the base LFS system. At the time, the only assistance specifically offered
19 relating to LFS were the LFS hints (<ulink url="&hints-root;"/>).
20 Most of the LFS hints are extremely good and well written
21 but I (and others) could still see a need for more comprehensive help to
22 go Beyond LFS &mdash; hence BLFS.</para>
24 <para>BLFS aims to be more than the LFS-hints converted to XML although
25 much of our work is based around the hints and indeed some authors write
26 both hints and the relevant BLFS sections. We hope that we can provide
27 you with enough information to not only manage to build your system up to
28 what you want, whether it be a web server or a multimedia desktop system,
29 but also that you will learn a lot about system configuration as you go.</para>
31 <para>Thanks as ever go to everyone in the LFS/BLFS
32 community; especially those who have contributed instructions, written text,
33 answered questions and generally shouted when things were wrong!</para>
35 <para>Finally, we encourage you to become involved in the community; ask
36 questions on the mailing list or news gateway and join in the fun on #lfs and
37 #lfs-support at freenode. You can find more details about all of these in
38 the <xref linkend="introduction"/> section of the book.</para>
40 <para>Enjoy using BLFS.</para>
42 <blockquote>
43<literallayout>Mark Hymers
44markh &lt;at&gt; &lfs-domainname;
45BLFS Editor (July 2001&ndash;March 2003)</literallayout>
46 </blockquote>
48 <para>I still remember how I found the BLFS project
49 and started using the instructions that were completed at the time. I could
50 not believe how wonderful it was to get an application up and running very
51 quickly, with explanations as to why things were done a certain way.
52 Unfortunately, for me, it wasn't long before I was opening applications that
53 had nothing more than "To be done" on the page. I did what most would do,
54 I waited for someone else to do it. It wasn't too long before I am looking
55 through <application>Bugzilla</application> for something easy to do.
56 As with any learning experience, the definition of what was easy kept
57 changing.</para>
59 <para>We still encourage you to become involved as BLFS is
60 never really finished. Contributing or just using, we hope you enjoy
61 your BLFS experience.</para>
63 <blockquote>
64<literallayout>Larry Lawrence
65larry &lt;at&gt; &lfs-domainname;
66BLFS Editor (March 2003&ndash;June 2004)</literallayout>
67 </blockquote>
69 <para>The BLFS project is a natural progression of
70 LFS. Together, these projects provide a unique resource for
71 the Open Source Community. They take the mystery out of the process of
72 building a complete, functional software system from the source code contributed
73 by many talented individuals throughout the world. They truly allow users
74 to implement the slogan
75 <quote><emphasis>Your distro, your rules</emphasis></quote>.</para>
77 <para>Our goal is to continue to provide the best resource available that shows
78 you how to integrate many significant Open Source applications. Since these
79 applications are constantly updated and new applications are developed, this
80 book will never be complete. Additionally, there is always room for
81 improvement in explaining the nuances of how to install the different packages.
82 To make these improvements, we need your feedback. I encourage you to
83 participate on the different mailing lists, news groups, and
84 IRC channels to help meet these goals.</para>
86 <blockquote>
87<literallayout>Bruce Dubbs
88bdubbs &lt;at&gt; &lfs-domainname;
89BLFS Editor (June 2004&ndash;December 2006 and February 2011&ndash;now)</literallayout>
90 </blockquote>
92 <para>My introduction to the [B]LFS project was actually by accident. I
93 was trying to build a <application>GNOME</application> environment using
94 some how-tos and other information I found on the web. A couple of times
95 I ran into some build issues and Googling pulled up some old BLFS mailing
96 list messages. Out for curiosity, I visited the Linux From Scratch web site
97 and shortly thereafter was hooked. I've not used any other Linux
98 distribution for personal use since.</para>
100 <para>I can't promise anyone will feel the sense of satisfaction I felt
101 after building my first few systems using [B]LFS instructions, but I
102 sincerely hope that your BLFS experience is as rewarding for you as it has
103 been for me.</para>
105 <para>The BLFS project has grown significantly the last couple of years.
106 There are more package instructions and related dependencies than ever
107 before. The project requires your input for continued success. If you
108 discover that you enjoy building BLFS, please consider helping out in any
109 way you can. BLFS requires hundreds of hours of maintenance to keep it
110 even semi-current. If you feel confident enough in your editing skills,
111 please consider joining the BLFS team. Simply contributing to the mailing
112 list discussions with sound advice and/or providing patches to the book's
113 XML will probably result in you receiving an invitation to join the
114 team.</para>
116 <blockquote>
117<literallayout>Randy McMurchy
118randy &lt;at&gt; &lfs-domainname;
119BLFS Editor (December 2006&ndash;January 2011)</literallayout>
120 </blockquote>
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