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2<title>Command explanations</title>
4<para><command>useradd -d /var/pgsql/data postgres</command>: Add an unprivileged user to run the database server. Running the
5server as root is dangerous, and moreover simply will not work.</para>
7<para><command>su - postgres -c '/usr/bin/initdb -D /var/pgsql/data'</command>: Initialize the database tablespace. This command may not be executed
8by root.</para>
10<para><command>su - postgres -c '/usr/bin/postmaster -D /var/pgsql/data >
11/var/pgsql/data/logfile 2>&amp;1 &amp;'</command>: Start the database server. User postgres must execute this command as well.</para>
13<para><command>createdb test, create table t1 , insert into t1 values..., select *
14from t1</command>: Create a database, add a table to it, insert some rows into the table
15and select them to verify that the installation is working
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