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Add mechanism for cron job $Date$ handling

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[84de88e]1#!/usr/bin/env python3
3from os import getcwd
4from subprocess import check_output, DEVNULL
5from sys import stdin, stdout, argv
7content =
9# To editors:
10# The usage of FETCH_HEAD here is very tricky. This is only intended for
11# the cron job running "git pull" periodically. Humans should NOT rely on
12# this script at all. Do NOT add "dater" filter into your .git/config.
13# For editors, just use `git log ${path}` to show the history of a file.
14cmd = [ 'git', 'log', '-1', '--pretty=%ad', 'FETCH_HEAD', '--', argv[1] ]
16 date = check_output(cmd, cwd = getcwd(), stderr=DEVNULL).decode().rstrip()
17 content = content.replace('$Date$', '$Date: %s$' % date)
18except Exception:
19 pass
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