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Remove spaces at the end of lines

I know it is somewhat useless, but I don't like them for
two reasons: first they cannot be seen, and I do not like things I
cannot see. Second, git highlights them, and this is disturbing...

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[17c9da8]1<!-- version info generated from git commit,
2 comment out the following two lines for release. -->
3<!ENTITY % version-entities SYSTEM "version.ent">
6<!-- uncomment the following entities and modify them for release,
7 month and year should be always 2 digits. -->
9<!ENTITY day "01">
10<!ENTITY month "09">
11<!ENTITY year "2021">
12<!ENTITY copyrightdate "2001-2021">
[89c4e0f1]13<!ENTITY version "11.0">
[17c9da8]14<!ENTITY releasedate "September 1st, &year;">
15<!ENTITY pubdate "&year;-&month;-&day;">
[416886f]18<!ENTITY copyholder "The BLFS Development Team">
[29a430f]19<!ENTITY blfs-version "svn"> <!-- svn|[release #] -->
[f586237]20<!ENTITY lfs-version "development"> <!-- x.y|development -->
21<!ENTITY lfs-versiond "systemd"> <!-- x.y-systemd|systemd -->
[4e88613]22<!ENTITY lfs-domainname "">
[f6ba18fd]24<!ENTITY maintainer-fullname "The BLFS Team">
25<!ENTITY maintainer-firstname "BLFS">
[41666068]26<!ENTITY maintainer-address "blfs-maintainer@&lfs-domainname;">
[4a570af]29<!ENTITY lfs-website "https://www.&lfs-domainname;">
[59fdbf7]30<!-- downloads_root must have an entity because it is needed for scripts
[8558044]31 change svn to x.y for release. Note: s/_/-/ in comment to avoid grep error
[85aab27]32 Update 'downloads-root-systemd' to x.y-systemd
33 -->
[c9aa980]34<!ENTITY downloads-root "">
35<!ENTITY downloads-root-systemd "">
[4a570af]36<!ENTITY downloads-project "https://downloads.&lfs-domainname;">
[18bd6a3]38<!ENTITY sources-anduin-http "">
[a29486e4]39<!ENTITY sources-anduin-ftp "">
[4a570af]41<!ENTITY hints-root "https://www.&lfs-domainname;/hints">
[c9aa980]42<!ENTITY patch-downloads "">
[4a570af]43<!ENTITY patch-root "https://www.&lfs-domainname;/patches/blfs/svn">
44<!ENTITY errata "https://www.&lfs-domainname;/blfs/errata/&blfs-version;/">
45<!ENTITY blfs-ticket-root "https://wiki.&lfs-domainname;/blfs/ticket/">
[4e88613]47<!ENTITY lfs-root "../../../../lfs/view/&lfs-version;">
[f586237]48<!ENTITY lfs-rootd "../../../../lfs/view/&lfs-versiond;">
[4dcc31a]49<!ENTITY lfs-dev "../../../../lfs/view/development">
[8dfc5c3]50<!ENTITY gnu-http "">
51<!ENTITY gnu-ftp "">
52<!ENTITY gnupg-http "">
[14d673a2]53<!ENTITY gnupg-ftp "">
[122ded1]54<!ENTITY gstreamer-dl "">
[8dfc5c3]55<!ENTITY kernel-dl "">
56<!ENTITY mozilla-http "">
[8d0bc76]57<!ENTITY mozilla-hg "">
[a206343]58<!ENTITY perl_authors "">
59<!ENTITY metacpan_authors "">
[8dfc5c3]60<!ENTITY pymodules-dl "">
61<!ENTITY sourceforge-dl "">
[340486e]63<!ENTITY gentoo-ftp-repo "">
[98e2adf]64<!ENTITY fedora-http-repo "">
[faf325d]65<!ENTITY jaist-ftp-repo "">
[458e839c]66<!ENTITY lxqt-http-repo "">
[4e88613]67<!ENTITY publisher "Unknown">
[e622c0b]68<!ENTITY xorg-download-http "">
[2f4014b]69<!ENTITY xorg-download-ftp "">
[e5f33088]70<!ENTITY pypi "">
[827ba01c]71<!ENTITY appstream-glib-url "">
[7d5122e6]72<!ENTITY elinks-url "">
[1eac9eb]73<!ENTITY w3m-url "">
[55fb7f5]75<!-- These entities are used to identify versions of LFS
[db808f2]76 packages referenced throughout the BLFS book. -->
[eb631ac]77<!ENTITY lfs-autoconf-version "2.69">
[2f141ef]78<!ENTITY lfs-coreutils-version "8.23">
79<!ENTITY lfs-e2fsprogs-version "1.42.11">
[eb631ac]80<!ENTITY lfs-flex-version "2.5.39">
[2f141ef]81<!ENTITY lfs-gcc-version "4.9.1">
[eb631ac]82<!ENTITY lfs-gdbm-version "1.11">
83<!ENTITY lfs-m4-version "1.4.17">
[46dfbe3]84<!-- FIXME - please check the included version of
85 List/Utils when upgrading the perl version.
86 Scalar-List-Utils is in perl-deps because List-AllUtils
87 needs a newer version at runtime than is in 5.34.0 -->
[aea82bb2]88<!ENTITY lfs-perl-version "5.34"> <!-- used in git -->
[f524a8f]89<!-- this was originally the perl version used by the corresponding
90 version of lfs, in those days always for i686, but now BLFS is a rolling
[eacfe16]91 release. \-\->
92<!ENTITY lfs-perl-version "&lt;5.x.y&gt;/&lt;arch-linux&gt;">-->
[d64103f]93<!ENTITY lfs-shadow-version "4.2.1">
[d659cbe]94<!ENTITY lfs-vim-version "7.4">
[55fb7f5]95<!-- End LFS versions -->
[df5a815]97<!ENTITY blfs-bootscripts-version "20210826">
[dec59a4]98<!ENTITY systemd-units-version "20210819">
[4a570af]100<!ENTITY blfs-wiki "https://wiki.&lfs-domainname;/blfs/wiki">
[b5a2067]102<!-- These entities are used to annotate the current status of a package as it
103 relates to the version of LFS it will build/work against -->
[96428de]105<!ENTITY lfs110a_checked "<para>This package is known to build and work
[b2f38b60]106 properly using an LFS-11.0 platform.</para>">
[96428de]108<!ENTITY lfs110a_built "<para>This package is known to build using an LFS
[b2f38b60]109 11.0 platform but has not been tested.</para>">
[b5a2067]111<!-- End special entities about LFS compatibility -->
[ba58642]113<!ENTITY as_root "<note><para>When installing multiple packages in a script,
114 the installation needs to be done as the root user. There are three general
115 options that can be used to do this:</para>
117 <orderedlist>
119 <listitem><para>Run the entire script as the root user (not
120 recommended).</para></listitem>
122 <listitem><para>Use the <command>sudo</command> command from the <xref
123 linkend='sudo'/> package.</para></listitem>
125 <listitem><para>Use <command>su -c &quot;command arguments&quot;</command>
126 (quotes required) which will ask for the root password for every iteration
[0d7900a]127 of the loop.</para></listitem>
[ba58642]129 </orderedlist>
131 <para>One way to handle this situation is to create a short
132 <command>bash</command> function that automatically selects the appropriate
133 method. Once the command is set in the environment, it does not need to be
134 set again.</para>
[ba58642]136 <screen><userinput>as_root()
138 if [ $EUID = 0 ]; then $*
139 elif [ -x /usr/bin/sudo ]; then sudo $*
140 else su -c \\&quot;$*\\&quot;
[0d7900a]141 fi
144export -f as_root</userinput></screen>
[e03aea8]147<!ENTITY not-katamari "<para>This package is not a part of the Xorg
148 katamari and is provided only as a dependency to
149 other packages or for testing the completed Xorg
150 installation.</para>">
[13652301]152<!ENTITY % package-entities SYSTEM "packages.ent">
[428191d]155<!ENTITY parallel_issues "<note><para>This package may occasionally fail when
156 building with multiple processors. See <xref
[ea20da9]157 linkend='parallel-builds'/> for more information.</para></note>">
[729e458]159<!ENTITY shell-env "<note><para>If installing in the chroot environment, be
160 sure to export the <envar>SHELL</envar> environment
161 variable or configuration of the package will
162 fail.</para></note>">
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