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Minor tweaks to the gstreamer section:

gst-plugins-good: Remove the libtool caution, we're using meson/ninja now so it no longer applies
gst-plugins-*: Convert the 'dependency for a given plugin needs to be installed first' into an XInclude
gst-*: With the move to Meson, the developers put in a sanity check to ensure that there is an ObjC compiler on the system. This was originally intended for macOS, and the build continues normally without it. I've added an XInclude containing a note to all pages affected to document this, since it describes itself as a 'fatal error'

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1<!-- $LastChangedBy$ $Date$ -->
3<!ENTITY day "26"> <!-- Always 2 digits -->
4<!ENTITY month "05"> <!-- Always 2 digits -->
5<!ENTITY year "2019">
6<!ENTITY copyrightdate "2001-&year;">
7<!ENTITY copyholder "The BLFS Development Team">
8<!ENTITY version "&year;-&month;-&day;">
9<!ENTITY releasedate "May 26th, &year;">
10<!ENTITY pubdate "&year;-&month;-&day;"> <!-- metadata req. by TLDP -->
11<!ENTITY blfs-version "svn"> <!-- svn|[release #] -->
12<!ENTITY lfs-version "development"> <!-- x.y|development -->
13<!ENTITY lfs-versiond "systemd"> <!-- x.y-systemd|systemd -->
14<!ENTITY last-commit "$Date$"> <!-- Automatic update -->
15<!ENTITY lfs-domainname "">
17<!ENTITY maintainer-fullname "The BLFS Team">
18<!ENTITY maintainer-firstname "BLFS">
19<!ENTITY maintainer-address "blfs-maintainer@&lfs-domainname;">
22<!ENTITY lfs-website "http://www.&lfs-domainname;">
23<!-- downloads_root must have an entity because it is needed for scripts
24 change svn to x.y for release. Note: s/_/-/ in comment to avoid grep error
25 Update 'downloads-root-systemd' to x.y-systemd
26 -->
27<!ENTITY downloads-root "">
28<!ENTITY downloads-root-systemd "">
29<!ENTITY downloads-project "http://downloads.&lfs-domainname;">
31<!ENTITY sources-anduin-http "">
32<!ENTITY sources-anduin-ftp "">
34<!ENTITY hints-root "http://www.&lfs-domainname;/hints">
35<!ENTITY patch-downloads "">
36<!ENTITY patch-root "http://www.&lfs-domainname;/patches/blfs/svn">
37<!ENTITY errata "http://www.&lfs-domainname;/blfs/errata/&blfs-version;/">
38<!ENTITY blfs-ticket-root "http://wiki.&lfs-domainname;/blfs/ticket/">
40<!ENTITY lfs-root "../../../../lfs/view/&lfs-version;">
41<!ENTITY lfs-rootd "../../../../lfs/view/&lfs-versiond;">
42<!ENTITY lfs-dev "../../../../lfs/view/development">
43<!ENTITY gnu-http "">
44<!ENTITY gnu-ftp "">
45<!ENTITY gnupg-http "">
46<!ENTITY gnupg-ftp "">
47<!ENTITY gstreamer-dl "">
48<!ENTITY kernel-dl "">
49<!ENTITY mozilla-http "">
50<!ENTITY mozilla-hg "">
51<!ENTITY perl_authors "">
52<!ENTITY metacpan_authors "">
53<!ENTITY pymodules-dl "">
54<!ENTITY sourceforge-dl "">
56<!ENTITY gentoo-ftp-repo "">
57<!ENTITY fedora-http-repo "">
58<!ENTITY jaist-ftp-repo "">
59<!ENTITY lxqt-http-repo "">
60<!ENTITY publisher "Unknown">
61<!ENTITY xorg-download-http "">
62<!ENTITY xorg-download-ftp "">
63<!ENTITY pypi "">
64<!ENTITY appstream-glib-url "">
65<!ENTITY elinks-url "">
66<!ENTITY w3m-url "">
68<!-- These entities are used to identify versions of LFS
69 packages referenced throughout the BLFS book. -->
70<!ENTITY lfs-autoconf-version "2.69">
71<!ENTITY lfs-coreutils-version "8.23">
72<!ENTITY lfs-e2fsprogs-version "1.42.11">
73<!ENTITY lfs-flex-version "2.5.39">
74<!ENTITY lfs-gcc-version "4.9.1">
75<!ENTITY lfs-gdbm-version "1.11">
76<!ENTITY lfs-m4-version "1.4.17">
77<!-- this was originally the perl version used by the corresponding
78 version of lfs, in those days always for i686, but now BLFS is a rolling
79 release -->
80<!ENTITY lfs-perl-version "&lt;5.x.y&gt;/&lt;arch-linux&gt;">
81<!ENTITY lfs-shadow-version "4.2.1">
82<!ENTITY lfs-vim-version "7.4">
83<!-- End LFS versions -->
85<!ENTITY blfs-bootscripts-version "20190524">
86<!ENTITY systemd-units-version "20180105">
89<!ENTITY blfs-wiki "http://wiki.&lfs-domainname;/blfs/wiki">
91<!-- These entities are used to annotate the current status of a package as it
92 relates to the version of LFS it will build/work against -->
94<!ENTITY lfs84_checked "<para>This package is known to build and work
95 properly using an LFS-8.4 platform.</para>">
96<!ENTITY lfs84_built "<para>This package is known to build using an LFS
97 8.4 platform but has not been tested.</para>">
99<!-- End special entities about LFS compatibility -->
101<!ENTITY as_root "<note><para>When installing multiple packages in a script,
102 the installation needs to be done as the root user. There are three general
103 options that can be used to do this:</para>
105 <orderedlist>
107 <listitem><para>Run the entire script as the root user (not
108 recommended).</para></listitem>
110 <listitem><para>Use the <command>sudo</command> command from the <xref
111 linkend='sudo'/> package.</para></listitem>
113 <listitem><para>Use <command>su -c &quot;command arguments&quot;</command>
114 (quotes required) which will ask for the root password for every iteration
115 of the loop.</para></listitem>
117 </orderedlist>
119 <para>One way to handle this situation is to create a short
120 <command>bash</command> function that automatically selects the appropriate
121 method. Once the command is set in the environment, it does not need to be
122 set again.</para>
124 <screen><userinput>as_root()
126 if [ $EUID = 0 ]; then $*
127 elif [ -x /usr/bin/sudo ]; then sudo $*
128 else su -c \\&quot;$*\\&quot;
129 fi
132export -f as_root</userinput></screen>
135<!ENTITY not-katamari "<para>This package is not a part of the Xorg
136 katamari and is provided only as a dependency to
137 other packages or for testing the completed Xorg
138 installation.</para>">
140<!ENTITY % package-entities SYSTEM "packages.ent">
143<!ENTITY parallel_issues "<note><para>This package may occasionally fail when
144 building with multiple processors. See <xref
145 linkend='parallel-builds'/> for more information.</para></note>">
147<!ENTITY shell-env "<note><para>If installing in the chroot environment, be
148 sure to export the <envar>SHELL</envar> environment
149 variable or configuration of the package will
150 fail.</para></note>">
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