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2<title>Command explanations</title>
4<para><option>no-rc5 no-idea</option>: When added to the
5<command>./config</command> command, this will eliminate the building of those
6encryption methods. Patent licenses may be needed for you to utilize either of
7those methods in your projects.</para>
9<para><command>rm doc/apps/passwd.pod</command>: This command prevents
10<application>Open<acronym>SSL</acronym></application> from installing its
11passwd man page over an existing man page with the same name.</para>
13<para><command>mv doc/crypto/{,openssl_}threads.pod</command>: This
14commands prevents <application>Open<acronym>SSL</acronym></application> from
15overwriting an existing man page from <application>Perl</application>.</para>
17<para><command>sed -i -e 's/-m486/-march=i486/' Configure</command>:
18<application>GCC</application> issues a warning on every
19compilation because the <command>Configure</command>
20command uses deprecated <parameter>-m486</parameter> instead of
23<para><screen><command>make MANDIR=/usr/share/man
24make MANDIR=/usr/share/man install</command></screen> These
25commands install <application>OpenSSL</application> with the man pages
26in <filename class='directory'>/usr/share/man</filename> instead of the
27default which is <filename class='directory'>/etc/ssl/man</filename>.</para>
29<para><command>cp -r certs /etc/ssl</command>: The certificates
30must be copied manually since the install script
31skips this step.</para>
33<para><command>rmdir /etc/ssl/lib</command>: This is simply a tidy-up command.
34For some reason, the <application>openssl</application> install routine creates
35the <filename class='directory'>/etc/ssl/lib</filename> directory even though
36the libraries have been installed in
37<filename class='directory'>/usr/lib</filename>. We remove it to keep things
38nice and tidy!</para>
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