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2<title>Command explanations</title>
4<para><option>--noninteractive</option>: This switch is used to
5avoid the configuration routine asking for confirmation of the
6directories to install to (which we pass using switches to configure
9<para><parameter>--with-DIR_MAN=/usr/share/man</parameter>: This is
10used because despite the fact we pass
11<parameter>--prefix=/usr</parameter>, the configure
12routine tries to install the man pages in
13<filename class="directory">/usr/local/man</filename> instead of the
14correct place.</para>
16<para><parameter>--with-ZIP=yes --with-DIR_GZLIB=/usr/lib</parameter>: This enables support for
17the handling of <acronym>TIFF</acronym> images with deflate-encoded data.</para>
19<para><parameter>--with-JPEG=yes --with-DIR_JPEGLIB=/usr/lib</parameter>:
20Use these switches to enable support for the handling of
21<acronym>TIFF</acronym> images with <acronym>JPEG</acronym>-encoded data.</para>
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