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2<title>Introduction to j2sdk</title>
4<screen>Download location (HTTP): <ulink url="&j2sdk-download-http;"/>
5Version used (binary): &j2sdk-bin-version;
6Version used (source): &j2sdk-src-version;
7Package size (binary): &j2sdk-bin-size;
8Package size (source): &j2sdk-src-size;
9Estimated Disk space required: &j2sdk-src-buildsize;</screen>
11<para>The j2sdk package contains Sun's java development environment.
12This is useful for developing java programs and provides the runtime
13environment necessary to run java programs. It also includes a plug-in
14for browsers so that they can be java aware.</para>
17The JDK comes in two flavors, a precompiled binary and a source package. The
18precompiled binary is linked against gcc2 libraries. Due to the incompatibilities
19between gcc2 and gcc3, the precompiled java plugin causes problems when gcc3
20compiled packages (for example mozilla) try to load the java plugin.
21The source package requires registration at the Sun developer site and accepting
22the Sun Community Source License.
23The source code cannot be downloaded from some countries, so for users
24from those countries, the binary may be the only option.
27<para>Even if you plan on compiling the jdk source, you will need to download
28the binary version to bootstrap the jdk build.
29Follow the above link to download both source and binary packages. When
30downloading the source also download the mozilla headers package available at
31the same location.
34<para>Download the patches for j2sdk source from <ulink url="&hfile-root;"/>
37<para>If you have difficulties in building the jdk, check out the javafromscratch
38hint for detailed information at <ulink url=""/>.
41<para>For users who do cannot download the j2sdk source owing to license
42restrictions, blackdown has a gcc3 based precompiled version.
43Check out <ulink url=""/> for more information.</para>
45<screen>j2sdk depends on:
46<xref linkend="xfree86"/>, <xref linkend="zip"/>, <xref linkend="unzip"/>, <xref linkend="cpio"/>, <xref linkend="tcsh"/>, <xref linkend="gcc2lib"/></screen>
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