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2<title>Command explanations</title>
4<para><option>--without-sendmail</option>: <application>Fcron</application>
5will use an iinstalled <acronym>MTA</acronym> to email you the results of the
6<command>fcron</command> script. If you wish to utilize this feature, change
7the switch to <parameter>--with-sendmail=<replaceable>[path to your
8MTA]</replaceable> </parameter>.</para>
10<para><parameter>--with-answer-all=no</parameter>: After the files are
11installed, the <command>make install</command> script enters into a
12configuration routine. The first test will be whether to install a boot script
13in the <filename class="directory">/etc/rc.d/init.d</filename> directory with
14the appropriate symbolic links in run levels 2, 3, 4, and 5. The second is to
15stop any current fcron processes and start a new one. Since this is probably
16your first install and we want a boot script based upon the
17<acronym>BLFS</acronym> template, we answer 'n' to both tests.</para>
20</parameter>: This switch can be added if you have installed
21<application>OpenJade</application> and dsssl-stylesheets to generate the
22documentation from the DocBook source files.</para>
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