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2<title>Introduction to Gnome</title>
4<para>This chapter attempts to install a complete Gnome2 desktop
5environment and a limited Gnome 1.4 library environment that is
6sufficient to run Gnome 1.4 applications included in this book. The
7order of the pages are meant to follow the build order defined by the
8Gnome2 development team as published in the <ulink url="">release notes</ulink>.</para>
10<warning><para>While we have been successful in building Gnome2 from these
11instructions, we have also experienced several oddities in compiling and
12running these applications. If these are build issues, watch for
13adjustments to the instructions as we better understand this
16<para>If you don't need the Gnome 1.4 library environment, you may skip
17pages that are headed (Gnome 1.4).</para>
19<para>If you are building a Gnome 1.4 desktop environment, you would
20install those labeled pages <emphasis>and</emphasis> any dependancies
21listed on those pages whether labeled or not. Gnome packages without
22pages are simply installed with:
23<screen>./configure --prefix=/opt/gnome &amp;&amp;
24make &amp;&amp;
25make install</screen>
26These instructions are simplistic to facilitate removal of Gnome 1.4
27from BLFS systems when it is no longer necessary. These instructions
28may be refined later to comply with BLFS standards for file locations,
29specifically <filename>/opt/gnome/etc</filename> to
30<filename>/etc</filename> and <filename>/opt/gnome/var</filename> to
31<filename>/var</filename>. You should consider using the Gnome 1.4 hint
32located at <ulink url=""/> if you
33have no interest in Gnome2.</para>
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