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1<sect1 id="intro-important-beyond">
2<?dbhtml filename="beyond.html"?>
3<title>Going Beyond <acronym>BLFS</acronym></title>
5<para>The packages that are installed in this book are only the tip of the
6iceberg. We hope that the experience you gained with the <acronym>LFS</acronym>
7book and the <acronym>BLFS</acronym> book will give you the background needed
8to compile, install and configure packages that are not included in this book.
11<para>When you want to install a package to a location other than
12<filename class='directory'>/</filename>, or <filename class='directory'>/usr</filename>, you are installing
13outside the default environment settings on most machines. The following
14examples should assist you in determining how to correct this situation.
15The examples cover the complete range of settings that may need
16updating, but they are not all needed in every situation.</para>
19<listitem><para>Expand the <envar>PATH</envar> to include
20<filename class='directory'>$PREFIX/bin</filename>.</para></listitem>
21<listitem><para>Expand the <envar>PATH</envar> for root to include
22<filename class='directory'>$PREFIX/sbin</filename>.</para></listitem>
23<listitem><para>Add <filename class='directory'>$PREFIX/lib</filename>
24to <filename>/etc/</filename> or expand
25<envar>LD_LIBRARY_PATH</envar> to include it. Before using the latter option,
26check out <ulink url=""/>. If you
27modify <filename>/etc/</filename> remember to update
28<filename>/etc/</filename> by executing <command>ldconfig</command>.</para></listitem>
29<listitem><para>Add <filename class='directory'>$PREFIX/man</filename>
30to <filename>/etc/man.conf</filename> or expand <envar>MANPATH</envar>.</para></listitem>
31<listitem><para>Add <filename class='directory'>$PREFIX/info</filename>
32to <envar>INFOPATH</envar>.</para></listitem>
33<listitem><para>Add <filename
34class='directory'>$PREFIX/lib/pkgconfig</filename> to
36<listitem><para>Add <filename
37class='directory'>$PREFIX/include</filename> to <envar>CPPFLAGS</envar> when compiling packages
38that depend on the package you installed.</para></listitem>
41<para>If you are in search of a package that is not in the book, the following
42are different ways you can search for the concerned package.</para>
46<listitem><para>If you know the name of the package, then search FreshMeat for
47at <ulink url=""/>. Also search Google at
48<ulink url=""/>. Sometimes a search for the rpm at
49<ulink url=""/> or the deb at
50<ulink url=""/> can also
51lead to the website for the package.</para></listitem>
53<listitem><para>If you know the name of the executable, but not the package
54that the executable belongs to, first try a google search with the name of the
55executable. If the results are overwhelming, try searching for the given
56executable in the Debian repository at
57<ulink url=""/>.
62<para>Some general hints on handling new packages:</para>
66<listitem><para>Many of the newer packages follow the <command>./configure
67&amp;&amp; make &amp;&amp; make install</command> <emphasis>dance</emphasis>
68routine. Help on the options accepted by configure can be obtained via the
69command <command>./configure --help</command>.</para></listitem>
71<listitem><para>Most of the packages contain documentation on compiling and
72installing the package. Some of the documents are excellent, some not so
73excellent. Check out the homepage of the package for any additional and updated
74hints for compiling and configuring the package.</para></listitem>
76<listitem><para>If you are having a problem compiling the package, try
77searching the lfs archives at <ulink url=""/>
78for the error or if that fails try searching google. If everything else fails,
79try the blfs support mailing-list/news-server.</para></listitem>
83<tip><para>If you have found a package that is only available in .deb or .rpm
84format, there are two small scripts rpm2targz and deb2targz that are available
85at <ulink url=""/> to convert
86the archives into a simple tar.gz format.</para></tip>
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