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[34598ae]8<sect1 id="intro-important-bootscripts" xreflabel="blfs-bootscripts-&blfs-bootscripts-version;">
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[34598ae]10<title><acronym>BLFS</acronym> Boot Scripts</title>
[9cc09eb]12<para>The <acronym>BLFS</acronym> Bootscripts package contains the init scripts that are
[34598ae]13used throughout the book. It is assumed that you will be using the blfs-bootscripts
14package in conjuction with a compatible lfs-bootscripts package.
[3b96a20]15Refer to
[cf43c83]16<ulink url="&lfs-root;/chapter07/bootscripts.html"/>
[3b96a20]17for more
[6492ac2]18information on the lfs-bootscripts package.</para>
[34598ae]21<itemizedlist spacing='compact'>
[6fb911c]22<title>Package information</title>
[34598ae]23<listitem><para>Download: <ulink url="&blfs-bootscripts-download;"/></para></listitem>
27<para>The blfs-bootscripts package will be used throughout the <acronym>BLFS</acronym>
28book for startup scripts. Unlike <acronym>LFS</acronym>, each init script
[aa15d3e]29has a separate install target in the blfs-bootscripts package.
[6492ac2]30It is recomended you keep the package
[b5ea349]31source directory around until completion of your
32<acronym>BLFS</acronym> system. When a script is requested from
[9cc09eb]33blfs-bootscripts, simply change to the directory and execute the given
[40d91bde]34<command>make install-&lt;init-script&gt;</command> command. This command installs the
35init script to its proper location (along with any auxillary configuration
36scripts) and also creates the appropriate symlinks to start and stop the
37service at the appropriate run-level.</para>
[40d91bde]39<note><para>It is advisable to peruse each bootscript before installation to
40ascertain that it satisfies your need. Also verify that the start and stop
41symlinks it creates match your preferences.</para></note>
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