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1<sect1 id="intro-important-patches">
2<?dbhtml filename="patches.html" dir="introduction"?>
3<title>Optional Patches</title>
5<para>As you follow the various sections in the book, you will observe that
6the book includes various patches that are required for a successful and
7secure installation of the packages. The general policy of the book is to
8include patches that fall in one of the following criteria:</para>
11<listitem><para>Fixes a compilation problem.</para></listitem>
12<listitem><para>Fixes a security problem.</para></listitem>
13<listitem><para>Fixes a broken functionality.</para></listitem>
16<para>In short, the book only includes patches that are either Required or
17Recommended. There is a <ulink url="">Patches subproject</ulink>
18which hosts various patches (including the patches included in the books)
19to enable you to configure your <acronym>LFS</acronym> the way you like it:)</para>
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