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16 <title>Getting the Source Packages</title>
18 <para>Within the BLFS instructions, each package has two references for
19 finding the source files for the package&mdash;an HTTP link and an FTP link
20 (some packages may only list one of these links). Every effort has been made
21 to ensure that these links are accurate. However, the World Wide Web is in
22 continuous flux. Packages are sometimes moved or updated and the exact URL
23 specified is not always available.</para>
25 <para>To overcome this problem, the BLFS Team, with the assistance of Oregon
26 State University Open Source Lab, has made an HTTP/FTP site available through
27 world wide mirrors. See <ulink
28 url="">
29</ulink> for a
30 list. These sites have all the sources of the exact versions of the packages
31 used in BLFS. If you can't find the BLFS package you need at the listed
32 addresses, get it from these sites.</para>
34 <para>We would like to ask a favor, however. Although this is a public
35 resource for you to use, please do not abuse it. We have already had one
36 unthinking individual download over 3 GB of data, including multiple copies of
37 the same files that are placed at different locations (via symlinks) to make
38 finding the right package easier. This person clearly did not know what files
39 he needed and downloaded everything. The best place to download files
40 is the site or sites set up by the source code developer. Please try
41 there first.</para>
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