Installing kdelibs Download location (FTP): Estimated build disk space: 115 MB Estimated installed space: 41 MB Package size: &kde-libs-size; Estimated build time: 62 min (667 MHz) kdelibs can use many optional libraries and programs. The following are recommended: , , , , , and cups. Other programs and libraries that can be used by kdelibs are: libfam Install kdelibs with: ./configure --prefix=&kde-dir; --disable-debug \ --disable-dependency-tracking --with-alsa --enable-fast-malloc=full && make && make install kdelibs Installation Commmand explanations --prefix=&kde-dir;: This option tells the process to install the package in &kde-dir;. --disable-debug: This option causes the system to be compiled without debugging code. --disable-dependency-tracking: This option speeds up one time builds. --with-alsa: This option tells the build process to search for and use Alsa for sound support. --enable-fast-malloc=full: This option tells KDE programs to use an internal memory allocation scheme optimized for KDE. Configuring kdelibs There is no additional configuration to do for kdelibs. Contents kde-libs provides numerous libraries needed by kde programs.