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[f175d6f]16 <title>KDE Preliminaries</title>
[1c8c15c]18 <para>
19 <application>KDE</application> is a comprehensive desktop environment with
20 a huge number of applications written for it and a huge amount of users.
21 It is based on the <application>Qt</application> framework.
22 </para>
[1c8c15c]24 <para>
25 The KDE5 system has two main blocks: the libraries, called KDE
26 Frameworks 5 or KF5, which can be used in other environments, and the
27 desktop environment called KDE Plasma 5. Most of the applications written
28 by the KDE team only use KF5, and do not need the plasma environment.
29 </para>
[1c8c15c]31 <para>
32 For more information visit the official KDE project site at
33 <ulink url=""/>.
34 </para>
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