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Added freetype2 to xfree86; removed objprelink from kde; Update kde to 3.0.3

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1<!ENTITY kde SYSTEM "kde.xml">
2<!ENTITY kde-intro SYSTEM "kde-intro.xml">
4<!-- KDE Core -->
5<!ENTITY kde-core SYSTEM "core/core.xml">
6<!ENTITY kde-core-arts SYSTEM "core/arts.xml">
7<!ENTITY kde-core-config SYSTEM "core/config.xml">
9<!-- KDE Additional -->
10<!ENTITY kde-add SYSTEM "add/add.xml">
12<!-- KDE Other -->
13<!ENTITY kde-other SYSTEM "other/other.xml">
15<!-- Package entities -->
18<!ENTITY objprelink SYSTEM "inst/objprelink.xml">
19<!ENTITY objprelink-buildsize "447 KB">
20<!ENTITY objprelink-version "">
21<!ENTITY objprelink-download "">
22<!ENTITY objprelink-size "427 KB">
25<!ENTITY kde-libs SYSTEM "inst/kde-libs.xml">
26<!ENTITY kde-base SYSTEM "inst/kde-base.xml">
27<!ENTITY kde-multimedia SYSTEM "inst/kde-multimedia.xml">
28<!ENTITY kde-network SYSTEM "inst/kde-network.xml">
29<!ENTITY kde-graphics SYSTEM "inst/kde-graphics.xml">
30<!ENTITY kde-pim SYSTEM "inst/kde-pim.xml">
31<!ENTITY kde-admin SYSTEM "inst/kde-admin.xml">
32<!ENTITY kde-games SYSTEM "inst/kde-games.xml">
33<!ENTITY kde-utils SYSTEM "inst/kde-utils.xml">
34<!ENTITY kde-edu SYSTEM "inst/kde-edu.xml">
35<!ENTITY kde-artwork SYSTEM "inst/kde-artwork.xml">
36<!ENTITY kde-toys SYSTEM "inst/kde-toys.xml">
37<!ENTITY kde-addons SYSTEM "inst/kde-addons.xml">
38<!ENTITY kde-office SYSTEM "inst/kde-office.xml">
39<!ENTITY kdoc SYSTEM "inst/kdoc.xml">
40<!ENTITY kde-bindings SYSTEM "inst/kde-bindings.xml">
41<!ENTITY kde-sdk SYSTEM "inst/kde-sdk.xml">
42<!ENTITY kdevelop SYSTEM "inst/kdevelop.xml">
43<!ENTITY kdm SYSTEM "inst/kdm.xml">
45<!ENTITY kde-version "3.0.3">
46<!ENTITY kde-download ";/src">
47<!ENTITY kde-dir "/opt/kde303">
49<!ENTITY kde-libs-ftp "&kde-download;/kdelibs-&kde-version;.tar.bz2">
50<!ENTITY kde-libs-size "7.2 MB">
51<!ENTITY kde-base-ftp "&kde-download;/kdebase-&kde-version;.tar.bz2">
52<!ENTITY kde-base-size "12.0 MB">
53<!ENTITY kde-multimedia-ftp "&kde-download;/kdemultimedia-&kde-version;.tar.bz2">
54<!ENTITY kde-multimedia-size "5.5 MB">
55<!ENTITY kde-network-ftp "&kde-download;/kdenetwork-&kde-version;.tar.bz2">
56<!ENTITY kde-network-size "3.7 MB">
57<!ENTITY kde-graphics-ftp "&kde-download;/kdegraphics-&kde-version;.tar.bz2">
58<!ENTITY kde-graphics-size "2.5 MB">
59<!ENTITY kde-pim-ftp "&kde-download;/kdepim-&kde-version;.tar.bz2">
60<!ENTITY kde-pim-size "3.0 MB">
61<!ENTITY kde-admin-ftp "&kde-download;/kdeadmin-&kde-version;.tar.bz2">
62<!ENTITY kde-admin-size "1.2 MB">
63<!ENTITY kde-games-ftp "&kde-download;/kdegames-&kde-version;.tar.bz2">
64<!ENTITY kde-games-size "6.9 MB">
65<!ENTITY kde-utils-ftp "&kde-download;/kdeutils-&kde-version;.tar.bz2">
66<!ENTITY kde-utils-size "1.4 MB">
67<!ENTITY kde-edu-ftp "&kde-download;/kdeedu-&kde-version;.tar.bz2">
68<!ENTITY kde-edu-size "8.7 MB">
69<!ENTITY kde-artwork-ftp "&kde-download;/kdeartwork-&kde-version;.tar.bz2">
70<!ENTITY kde-artwork-size "10.0 MB">
71<!ENTITY kde-toys-ftp "&kde-download;/kdetoys-&kde-version;.tar.bz2">
72<!ENTITY kde-toys-size "1.3 MB">
73<!ENTITY kde-addons-ftp "&kde-download;/kdeaddons-&kde-version;.tar.bz2">
74<!ENTITY kde-addons-size "899 KB">
75<!ENTITY kdoc-size "??? MB">
76<!ENTITY kde-bindings-size "??? MB">
77<!ENTITY kde-sdk-size "??? MB">
78<!ENTITY kdevelop-size "??? MB">
79<!ENTITY kdm-size "??? MB">
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