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[8c3989b2]1<sect1 id="alsa" xreflabel="ALSA-&alsa-version;">
[dd3f20f]2<?dbhtml filename="alsa.html"?>
[8c3989b2]5<para>The first question which people tend to ask about <acronym>ALSA</acronym>
[96ee548]6is why they should use it over the sound drivers included in the kernel&mdash;there
[8c3989b2]7are several reasons. First, the <acronym>ALSA</acronym> drivers support more
8sound cards than those in the kernel. Second, the <acronym>OSS</acronym>
9emulation is in some cases faster and better than the original <acronym>OSS
10</acronym> driver itself. And finally, there are some programs which can use
[96ee548]11<acronym>ALSA</acronym>'s enhanced features to better drive the sound card.
[921e3867]14<para><acronym>ALSA</acronym> is also the future of Linux Sound (hence the
[96ee548]15name <emphasis>Advanced Linux Sound Architecture</emphasis>). The <acronym>ALSA</acronym>
16drivers were included into the main Linux kernel during the 2.5 development series,
[921e3867]17and they are now the "standard" sound drivers in the 2.6 stable kernel.</para>
[921e3867]19<para>The following six sections of the book deal with the six separate
[8c3989b2]20components of <acronym>ALSA</acronym>: the drivers, the libraries, the
[921e3867]21utilities, the tools, the firmware and the <acronym>OSS</acronym> compatibility libraries.
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