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2<title>Command explanations</title>
4<para>&lt;kernel-version&gt; should be replaced with your kernel version,
5including any EXTRAVERSION such as -ac1 or -aa2. If you are using a normal
6kernel tarball, it will simply be the standard number (such as
9<para>&lt;path-to-kernel-source-tree-to-build-for&gt; should be replaced
10with the directory where the kernel source tree is for the version of the
11kernel you wish to build for. For example, if you want to build for kernel
122.4.19, it may be <filename
13class="directory">/usr/src/linux-2.4.19</filename>. This is needed because
14the alsa drivers must be compiled against the correct version of the kernel
17<para><userinput>--with-sequencer=yes </userinput>: This tells the
18alsa-driver package to build the sequencer modules for whichever soundcards
19you are building for. Most people want them so you will usually want to
20leave it set to yes.</para>
22<para><userinput>--with-oss=yes </userinput>: This tells the package to
23build the OSS/Free emulation modules. Again, most people want this so it's
24probably best to stick with yes.</para>
26<para><userinput>--with-isapnp=no </userinput>: Most sound cards these days
27are PCI and so ISA Plug and Play support isn't needed. If you are using an
28ISA soundcard, it's best to say yes here.</para>
30<para><userinput>--with-cards=... </userinput>: You can tell the script just
31to build the drivers for your particular sound card here. For full information
32on which drivers are available see <userinput>./configure
33--help</userinput>. If you aren't sure which chipset your soundcard uses,
34have a look in <filename>CARDS-STATUS</filename> in the alsa-driver source
35tree. If you want to build all drivers (for some reason) then
36simply leave out the <userinput>--with-cards</userinput> statement
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