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2<title>Command explanations</title>
[79cfcdf]4<para><userinput>unset CFLAGS</userinput> : This command clears the
[3327b0b7]5compile flags. This command is optional, but the indications are that
6the majority of installs will need it.</para>
[4875b9a]8<para><userinput>--enable-freetype</userinput> : This switch tells
9MPlayer to utilize freetype fonts instead of the fonts provided by mplayer.</para>
[4875b9a]11<para><userinput>--enable-gui</userinput> : This switch tells MPlayer to compile the gui interface code.</para>
13<para><userinput>--enable-menu --enable-new-conf</userinput> : These
14switches enable the new menu support. It's like an OSD, but youi can
15also run a shell with it.</para>
17<para><userinput>--enable-shared-pp</userinput> : This enables the
18building of a shared libpostproc (library for post processing, featuring
[0b50c00]19filters like sharpen).</para>
[79cfcdf]21<para><userinput>cp etc/codecs.conf ~/.mplayer</userinput> : This
[3327b0b7]22command copies the standard codecs.conf file to the user. MPlayer
23expects this file at startup.</para>
[79cfcdf]25<para><userinput>cp etc/example.conf ~/.mplayer</userinput> : This
[3327b0b7]26command copies the self documented configuration file to the user. We
27will create an new config file if you installed the gui or you can copy
28this file to <filename>config</filename> and edit it for your
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