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Indexed configuration files and bootscripts in the 'After LFS Configuration Issues' section

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1<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>
2<!DOCTYPE chapter PUBLIC "-//OASIS//DTD DocBook XML V4.3//EN"
3 "" [
4 <!ENTITY % general-entities SYSTEM "../../general.ent">
5 %general-entities;
8<chapter id="postlfs-config" xreflabel="After LFS Configuration Issues">
9<?dbhtml filename="config.html"?>
10<title>After <acronym>LFS</acronym> Configuration Issues</title>
12<para>The intention of <acronym>LFS</acronym> is to provide a basic system
13which you can build upon. There are several things, about tidying up the
14system, which many people wonder about once they have done the base install.
15We hope to cover these issues in this chapter.</para>
17<para>Most people coming from a Windows background to Linux find the
18concept of text-only configuration files slightly strange. In Linux,
19just about all configuration is done via text files. The majority of
20these files can be found in the <filename>/etc</filename> hierarchy.
21There are often graphical configuration programs available for different
22subsystems but most are simply pretty front ends to the process
23of editing the file. The advantage of text-only configuration is that
24you can edit parameters using your favorite text editor, whether that
25be <command>vim</command>, <command>emacs</command> or anything else.</para>
27<para>The first task is making a recovery diskette because it's the most
28critical need. Then the system is configured to ease addition of
29new users, in "Configuring for Adding Users", because this
30can affect the choices you make in the two subsequent topics -
31"The Bash Shell Startup Files" and "The /etc/vimrc and ~/.vimrc"
34<para> The remaining topics, "Customizing your Logon with /etc/issue",
35"The /etc/shells File", "Random number generation", "Compressing man and info
36pages" page issues", "Automate Mounting of Removable File Systems" and
37"Configuring for Network Filesystems" are then addressed, in that order. They
38don't have much interaction with the other topics in this chapter.</para>
40<xi:include xmlns:xi="" href="bootdisk.xml"/>
41<xi:include xmlns:xi="" href="skel.xml"/>
42<!-- <xi:include xmlns:xi="" href="inputrc.xml"/> -->
43<xi:include xmlns:xi="" href="profile.xml"/>
44<xi:include xmlns:xi="" href="vimrc.xml"/>
45<xi:include xmlns:xi="" href="logon.xml"/>
46<xi:include xmlns:xi="" href="etcshells.xml"/>
47<xi:include xmlns:xi="" href="random.xml"/>
48<xi:include xmlns:xi="" href="compressdoc.xml"/>
49<xi:include xmlns:xi="" href="autofs.xml"/>
50<xi:include xmlns:xi="" href="netfs.xml"/>
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