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[f45b1953]1<sect1 id="postlfs-config-random" xreflabel="random">
[bae6e15]2<?dbhtml filename="random.html"?>
[f45b1953]3<title>Random number generation</title>
5<para>The Linux kernel supplies a random number generator which is accessed
[766bbe40]6through <filename class="devicefile">/dev/random</filename> and
7<filename class="devicefile">/dev/urandom</filename>. Programs that utilize
8the random and urandom devices, such as <application>OpenSSH</application>,
9will benefit from these instructions.</para>
11<para>When a Linux system starts up without much operator interaction, the
12entropy pool, data used to compute a random number, may be in a fairly
13predictable state. This creates the real possibility that the number generated
14at startup may always be the same. In order to counteract this effect,
15you should carry the entropy pool information across your shut-downs and
[40d91bde]18<para>Install the <filename>/etc/rc.d/init.d/random</filename>
19init script included with the
20<xref linkend="intro-important-bootscripts"/> package.</para>
22<screen><userinput><command>make install-random</command></userinput></screen>
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