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2<title>Installation of <application>Vim</application></title>
4<note><para>If you recompile vim to link against <application>X</application>,
5and your X libs are not on the root partition, you will no longer have
6an editor for use in emergencies. You may choose to install an additional editor,
7not link vim against X, or move the current <command>vim</command> executable to the
8<filename>/bin</filename> directory under a different name such as <filename>vi</filename>.</para></note>
10<para>Install <application>Vim</application> by running the following commands:</para>
12<screen><userinput><command>echo '#define SYS_VIMRC_FILE "/etc/vimrc"' &gt;&gt; src/feature.h &amp;&amp;
13echo '#define SYS_GVIMRC_FILE "/etc/gvimrc"' &gt;&gt; src/feature.h &amp;&amp;
14./configure --prefix=/usr \
15 --with-features=huge &amp;&amp;
16make &amp;&amp;
17make install</command></userinput></screen>
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