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1<!ENTITY postlfs SYSTEM "postlfs.xml">
3<!-- Post-LFS Configuration -->
4<!ENTITY postlfs-config SYSTEM "config/config.xml">
5<!ENTITY postlfs-config-logon SYSTEM "config/logon.xml">
6<!ENTITY postlfs-config-profile SYSTEM "config/profile.xml">
7<!ENTITY postlfs-config-inputrc SYSTEM "config/inputrc.xml">
8<!ENTITY postlfs-config-vimrc SYSTEM "config/vimrc.xml">
9<!ENTITY postlfs-config-bootdisk SYSTEM "config/bootdisk.xml">
10<!ENTITY postlfs-config-random SYSTEM "config/random.xml">
11<!ENTITY postlfs-config-manpages SYSTEM "config/manpages.xml">
13<!-- Post-LFS Security -->
14<!ENTITY postlfs-security SYSTEM "security/security.xml">
15<!ENTITY postlfs-security-shadow SYSTEM "security/shadow.xml">
16<!ENTITY % iptables SYSTEM "security/iptables/iptables.ent">
18<!ENTITY % firewalling SYSTEM "security/firewalling/firewalling.ent">
20<!ENTITY postlfs-security-nessus SYSTEM "security/nessus.xml">
21<!ENTITY postlfs-security-tripwire SYSTEM "security/tripwire.xml">
22<!ENTITY postlfs-security-pam SYSTEM "security/pam.xml">
23<!ENTITY postlfs-security-syslog SYSTEM "security/syslog.xml">
25<!-- Filesystems -->
26<!ENTITY postlfs-filesystems SYSTEM "filesystems/filesystems.xml">
27<!ENTITY postlfs-filesystems-ext3 SYSTEM "filesystems/ext3.xml">
28<!ENTITY postlfs-filesystems-reiser SYSTEM "filesystems/reiser.xml">
29<!ENTITY postlfs-filesystems-xfs SYSTEM "filesystems/xfs.xml">
31<!-- Editors -->
32<!ENTITY postlfs-editors SYSTEM "editors/editors.xml">
33<!ENTITY postlfs-editors-vim SYSTEM "editors/vim.xml">
34<!ENTITY postlfs-editors-emacs SYSTEM "editors/emacs.xml">
35<!ENTITY postlfs-editors-nano SYSTEM "editors/nano.xml">
36<!ENTITY postlfs-editors-joe SYSTEM "editors/joe.xml">
38<!-- Shells -->
39<!ENTITY postlfs-shells SYSTEM "shells/shells.xml">
40<!ENTITY % tcsh SYSTEM "shells/tcsh/tcsh.ent">
42<!ENTITY postlfs-shells-zsh SYSTEM "shells/zsh.xml">
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