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2<title>Introduction to <application>iptables</application></title>
4<para>To use firewalling, as well as installing
5<application>iptables</application>, you will need
6to configure the relevant options into your kernel. This is discussed
7in the next part of this chapter - <xref linkend="postlfs-security-fw-kernel"/>.</para>
9<para>If you intend to use <acronym>IP</acronym>v6 you might consider extending
10the kernel by running <command>make patch-o-matic</command> in the top-level
11directory of the sources of <application>iptables</application>. If you are
12going to do this, on a freshly untarred kernel, you need to run
13<command>yes "" | make config &amp;&amp; make dep</command> first because
14otherwise the patch-o-matic command is likely to fail while setting up
15some dependencies.</para>
17<para>If you are going to patch the kernel, you need to do it before you
18compile <application>iptables</application>, because during the compilation,
19the kernel source tree is checked (if it is available at <filename
21</filename> to see which features are available. Support will only be compiled
22into <application>iptables</application> for the features recognized at
23compile-time. Applying a kernel patch may result in errors, often because the
24hooks for the patches have changed or because the runme script doesn't
25recognize that a patch has already been incorporated.</para>
27<para>Note that for most people, patching the kernel is unnecessary.
28With the later 2.4.x kernels, most functionality is already available
29and those who need to patch it are generally those who need a specific
30feature; if you don't know why you need to patch the kernel, you're
31unlikely to need to!</para>
33<sect3><title>Package information</title>
34<itemizedlist spacing='compact'>
35<listitem><para>Download (HTTP): <ulink
37<listitem><para>Download (FTP): <ulink
39<listitem><para>Download size: &iptables-size;</para></listitem>
40<listitem><para>Estimated Disk space required:
42<listitem><para>Estimated build time:
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