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1<sect1 id="preface-foreword">
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5<para>Having helped out with Linux From Scratch for a short time, I
6noticed that we were getting many queries as to how to do things beyond
7the base <acronym>LFS</acronym> system. At the time, the only assistance
8specifically offered relating to <acronym>LFS</acronym> were the
9<acronym>LFS</acronym> hints (<ulink url="&hints-root;">&hints-root;</ulink>).
10Most of the <acronym>LFS</acronym> hints are extremely good and well written
11but I (and others) could still see a need for more comprehensive help to
12go Beyond <acronym>LFS</acronym> - hence <acronym>BLFS</acronym>.</para>
14<para><acronym>BLFS</acronym> aims to be more than the
15<acronym>LFS</acronym>-hints converted to <acronym>XML</acronym> although
16much of our work is based around the hints and indeed some authors write
17both hints and the relevant <acronym>BLFS</acronym> sections. We hope that
18we can provide you with enough information to not only manage to build your
19system up to what you want, whether it be a web server or a multimedia desktop
20system, but also that you will learn a lot about system configuration as
21you go.</para>
23<para>Thanks as ever go to everyone in the <acronym>LFS</acronym>/<acronym>BLFS</acronym>
24community; especially those who have contributed instructions, written text,
25answered questions and generally shouted when things were wrong!</para>
27<para>Finally, we encourage you to become involved in the community; ask
28questions on the mailing list or news gateway and join in the fun on #lfs at You can find more details about all of these in the
30<xref linkend="introduction"/> section of the book.</para>
32<para>Enjoy using <acronym>BLFS</acronym>.</para>
34<blockquote><literallayout>Mark Hymers
35markh &lt;at&gt;
36BLFS Editor (July 2001 - March 2003)</literallayout></blockquote>
39<para>I still remember how I found the <acronym>BLFS</acronym> project
40and started using the instructions that were completed at the time. I could
41not believe how wonderful it was to get an application up and running very
42quickly, with explanations as to why things were done a certain way.
43Unfortunately, for me, it wasn't long before I was opening applications that
44had nothing more than "To be done" on the page. I did what most would do,
45I waited for someone else to do it. It wasn't too long before I am looking
46through <application>Bugzilla</application> for something easy to do.
47As with any learning experience, the definition of what was easy kept
50<para>We still encourage you to become involved as <acronym>BLFS</acronym> is
51never really finished. Contributing or just using, we hope you enjoy
52your <acronym>BLFS</acronym> experience.</para>
54<blockquote><literallayout>Larry Lawrence
55larry &lt;at&gt;
56BLFS Editor (March 2003 - present)</literallayout></blockquote>
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