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1<sect1 id="preface-foreword">
2<?dbhtml filename="foreword.html" dir="preface"?>
5<para>Having helped out with LinuxFromScratch for a short time, I
6noticed that we were getting many queries as to how to do things beyond
7the base LFS system. At the time, the only assistance specifically
8offered relating to LFS were the LFS hints (<ulink
9url="&hints-root;">&hints-root;</ulink>). Most of the LFS hints are
10extremely good and well written but I (and others) could still see a
11need for more comprehensive help to go Beyond LFS - hence BLFS.</para>
13<para>BLFS aims to be more than the LFS-hints converted to XML although
14much of our work is based around the hints and indeed some authors write
15both hints and the relevant BLFS sections. We hope that we can provide
16you with enough information to not only manage to build your system up
17to what you want, whether it be a web server or a multimedia desktop
18system, but also that you will learn a lot about system configuration as
19you go.</para>
21<para>Thanks as ever go to everyone in the LFS/BLFS community especially
22those who have contributed instructions, written text, answered
23questions and generally shouted when things were wrong!</para>
25<para>Finally, we encourage you to become involved in the community;
26ask questions on the mailing list or
27news gateway and join in the fun on #lfs at
28You can find more details about all of these in the <xref linkend="introduction"/> section of the book.</para>
30<para>Enjoy using BLFS.</para>
32<para>Mark Hymers &lt;;
33BLFS Editor</para>
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