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1<sect1 id="preface-whoread">
2<?dbhtml filename="whoread.html"?>
3<title>Who would want to read this book</title>
5<para>This book is mainly aimed at those who have built a system based
6on the <acronym>LFS</acronym> book. It will also be useful for those who are
7using other distributions, but for one reason or another want to manually build
8software and are in need of some assistance. <acronym>BLFS</acronym> can be
9used to create a range of diverse systems and so the target audience is
10probably nearly as wide as that of the <acronym>LFS</acronym> book. If you
11found <acronym>LFS</acronym> useful, you should also like this!</para>
13<para>Since Release 5.0, the <acronym>BLFS</acronym> book version matches
14the <acronym>LFS</acronym> book version. This book may be incompatible with
15a previous or latter release of the <acronym>LFS</acronym> book.</para>
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