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2<title>Configuring <application><acronym>CUPS</acronym></application></title>
4<para>Configuration of <application><acronym>CUPS</acronym></application> is
5dependent on the type of printer and can be complex. Generally, PostScript
6printers are easier. For detailed instructions on configuration and use of
7<application><acronym>CUPS</acronym></application>, see
8<ulink url=""/>. The Software
9Administrators Manual and Software Users Manual are particularly useful.</para>
11<para>For non-PostScript printers to print with CUPS you need to install
12<xref linkend="espgs"/> to convert PostScript to raster images
13and a driver (e.g., from <xref linkend="gimp-print"/>) to convert
14the resulting raster images to a form that the printer understands.
15<ulink url="">Foomatic</ulink>
16drivers use Ghostscript to convert PostScript to a printable form directly, but this
17is considered to be a hack by <application><acronym>CUPS</acronym></application>
20<para>During the install, <application><acronym>CUPS</acronym></application>
21created the startup file <filename>/etc/rc.d/init.d/cups</filename>. The file
22works, but you may want to change it to a more conventional <acronym>LFS
23</acronym> startup file by installing the script included in the
24<xref linkend="intro-important-bootscripts"/> package:</para>
26<screen><userinput><command>make install-cups</command></userinput></screen>
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