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[781a3e8]2<title>Introduction to <application><acronym>SANE</acronym></application></title>
[616ce29]4<para><acronym>SANE</acronym> is short for Scanner Access Now Easy.
5Scanner access, however, is far from easy, since every vendor has their own
[ec3c746]6protocols. The only known protocol that should bring some unity into this
[781a3e8]7chaos is the TWAIN interface, but this is too imprecise to
[ec3c746]8allow a stable scanning framework. Therefore, <acronym>SANE</acronym> comes
9with its own protocol, so the vendor drivers can't be used.</para>
[5e18c49c]11<para><acronym>SANE</acronym> is split into back ends and front ends. The
12back ends are drivers for the supported scanners. The front ends are user
[ec3c746]13interfaces to access the backends.</para>
[ec3c746]15<sect3><title>Package information</title>
16<itemizedlist spacing='compact'>
[8ba1563]17<listitem><para>Download (HTTP): <ulink
[ec3c746]19<listitem><para>Download (FTP): <ulink
21<listitem><para>Download size: &sane-size;</para></listitem>
22<listitem><para>Estimated Disk space required: &sane-buildsize;</para></listitem>
23<listitem><para>Estimated build time: &sane-time;</para></listitem></itemizedlist>
26<sect3><title>Additional downloads</title>
27<itemizedlist spacing='compact'>
28<listitem><para>Front ends: <ulink
[781a3e8]33<sect3><title><application><acronym>SANE</acronym></application> dependencies</title>
[bdf5806]35<para><xref linkend="libusb"/>,
[8ba1563]36<ulink url="">libieee1284</ulink>,
37<ulink url="">gPhoto2</ulink>,
[034abd0]38X (<xref linkend="xfree86"/> or <xref linkend="xorg"/>), <xref linkend="GTK"/> and <xref
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