Introduction to sane Download location (HTTP): Download location (FTP): Version used: &sane-version; Package size: &sane-be-size; (Backends), &sane-fe-size; (Frontends) Estimated Disk space required: &sane-be-buildsize; (Backends), &sane-fe-buildsize; (Frontends) SANE is short for Scanner Access Now Easy. Alas, scanner access is not really easy, since every vendor has own protocols. The only known protocol that should bring some unity into this chaos is the TWAIN interface, but this is too unprecise to allow a stable scanning framework. Therefore, SANE comes with its own protocol, so the vendor drivers can't be used. SANE is split into backends and frontends. The backends are drivers for the supported scanners. The frontends are user interfaces to access the backends. SANE will utilize: , and