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2<title>Installation command explanations</title>
[8b11b3b3]4<para><screen><command>gzip -dc ../tetex-texmf-&tex-version;.tar.gz \
[e7f61d6f]5 | (umask 0; cd /usr/share/texmf; tar xvf -)</command></screen>
6Untar the <application>TeX</application> fonts and macro libraries.</para>
[8604d92f]8<para><parameter>--with-x=no</parameter>: This switch will avoid any
[e7f61d6f]9<application>XFree86</application> dependencies.
10<application>TeX</application> can be compiled with
11<application>XFree86</application> support, notably for
12<command>xdvi</command>. If this is desired, remove this
[bf97f16]13configure option.</para>
[a8d6ef3]15<para><parameter>--exec-prefix=/usr --bindir=/usr/bin</parameter>: This switch
16will ensure that <application>TeX</application> binaries will be installed in
[8604d92f]17<filename class="directory">/usr/bin</filename>.</para>
[8604d92f]19<para><option>--without-texinfo</option>: A default
[e7f61d6f]20<acronym>LFS</acronym> installation already has the
21<application>texinfo</application> package
[c47b5f11]22installed; we will avoid overwriting it with the included
[8604d92f]26<para><option>--with-system-ncurses</option>: This switch specifies using the
27already installed <filename class="libraryfile">libncurses</filename> library.</para>
[8604d92f]29<para><option>--with-system-zlib</option>: <acronym>LFS</acronym> Systems starting with version 4.0 have zlib installed as part of the base operating system; we can avoid building it here.</para>
[8604d92f]31<para><command>texconfig dvips paper letter</command>: This command sets the
32default paper size for <application>TeX</application>.</para>
[8604d92f]34<para><command>texconfig font rw</command>: This command specifies writable
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