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2<title>Installation of <application>TeX</application></title>
4<para><application>TeX</application> is installed from the source
5directory (usually <filename>/usr/src</filename>) and untarring
6instructions are included below instead of the usual assumption that you
7have already untarred the package. The source directory should contain
8the two required packages and the optional package, if desired.</para>
10<para>Install <application>TeX</application> by running the following commands:</para>
12<screen><userinput><command>mkdir -p /usr/share/texmf &amp;&amp;
13tar zxvf tetex-src-&tex-version;.tar.gz &amp;&amp;
14cd tetex-src-&tex-version; &amp;&amp;
15gzip -dc ../tetex-texmf-&tex-version;.tar.gz \
16 | (umask 0; cd /usr/share/texmf; tar xvf -)</command></userinput></screen>
18<para>If the optional texmf source code tarball was downloaded, untar
19it now:</para>
20<screen><userinput><command>gzip -dc ../tetex-texmfsrc-&tex-version;.tar.gz \
21 | (umask 0; cd /usr/share/texmf; tar xvf -)</command></userinput></screen>
23<screen><userinput><command>./configure --with-x=no --prefix=/usr \
24 --without-texinfo --with-system-ncurses --with-system-zlib \
25 --exec-prefix=/usr --bindir=/usr/bin &amp;&amp;
26make world &amp;&amp;
27texconfig dvips paper letter &amp;&amp;
28texconfig font rw</command></userinput></screen>
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