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2<title>Command explanations</title>
4<para><command>--sysconfdir=/etc/courier</command> : Specifies the directory where Courier's configuration
5files are installed.</para>
7<para><command>--with-piddir=/var/run</command> : Specfies the directory where Courier's pid files are stored
8when Courier is active.</para>
10<para><command>--libexecdir=/usr/libexec</command> : libexecdir contains programs and libraries that cannot
11be directly executed from the command line.</para>
13<para><command>--datadir=/usr/share/courier</command> : Specifies the directory where miscellaneous shell
14scripts, Perl scripts, and data files will be installed.</para>
16<para><command> --localstatedir=/var/lib/courier</command> : specifies the directory that will hold the mail
17queue, and other temporary data. This option defaults to the subdirectory "var" in the directory specified
18by the --prefix option.</para>
20<para><command>--disable-root-check</command> : Allows Courier to be built as the root user.</para>
22<para><command>--with-db=gbbm</command> : Courier requires either the GDBM or the DB database library.
23GDBM is used if both are present. This option forces the selection of the database library.
26<!-- # Note - Courier will build fine with <xref linkend="db"/>, but all the database files
27will not be created correctly -->
29<para><command>--with-mailuser=courier</command> : All except two Courier daemons run as a non-privileged
30user. This option specifies the userid that Courier will install and run as.</para>
32<para><command>--withmailgroup=courier</command> : like --with-mailuser, but specifies the group ID.</para>
34<para><command>--enable-workarounds-for-imap-client-bugs</command> : there are several confirmed bugs in some
35IMAP clients that do not properly implement the IMAP4rev1 protocol. This option enables some workarounds for
36those buggy IMAP clients. NOTE: make check will fail if this option is used. You should first configure
37without this option, and if all post-configuration tests succeed, rerun configure with this option and recompile.</para>
39<para><command>--with-ispell=/usr/bin/aspell</command> : Courier's webmail server can use spell checking, if
40the aspell program is available. If configure finds ispell, spell checking is enabled. If aspell is not in the
41current search path, use --with-ispell=program to explicitly set the location of aspell.</para>
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