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2<title>Command explanations</title>
[65df9fca]4<para><command>mkdir /home/cvsroot</command>: Create the <acronym>CVS</acronym>
[8936be4]5repository directory.</para>
[65df9fca]7<para><command>chmod 1777 /home/cvsroot</command>: Set sticky bit permissions for
[65df9fca]10<para><command>export CVSROOT=/home/cvsroot</command>: Specify new <envar>CVSROOT
[8936be4]11</envar> for all <command>cvs</command> commands.</para>
[0482b01]13<para><command>cvs init</command>: Initialize the new <acronym>CVS</acronym>
[8936be4]16<para><command>cvs import -m "repository test" cvstest vendortag
[0482b01]17releasetag</command>: All source code modules must be imported
[8936be4]18into the <acronym>CVS</acronym> repository before use, with the
[65df9fca]19<command>cvs import</command> command. The <userinput>-m</userinput>
[8936be4]20flags specifies an initial descriptive entry for the new module.
[65df9fca]21The "cvstest" parameter is the name used for the module in all
22subsequent <command>cvs</command> commands. The "vendortag" and "releasetag"
[8936be4]23parameters are used to further identify each <acronym>CVS</acronym> module and
24are mandatory whether used or not.</para>
[8936be4]26<para><command>(grep anonymous /etc/passwd || useradd anonymous -s
[0482b01]27/bin/false)</command>: Check for an existing anonymous user and
[dcc89bf1]28create one if not found.</para>
[65df9fca]30<para><command>echo anonymous: &gt; /home/cvsroot/CVSROOT/passwd
[0482b01]31</command>: Add the anonymous user to the <acronym>CVS</acronym> passwd file,
[8936be4]32which is unused for anything else in this configuration.</para>
[65df9fca]34<para><command>echo anonymous &gt; /home/cvsroot/CVSROOT/readers</command>: Add the
[8936be4]35anonymous user to the <acronym>CVS</acronym> readers file, a list of
[dcc89bf1]36users who have read only access to the repository.</para>
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