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2<title>Installation command explanations</title>
[40330fcd]4<para><screen><command>mkdir -p /etc/samba/private
5mkdir -p /var/cache/samba</command></screen>
6Directories needed for proper operation of the <command>smbd</command>
7and <command>nmbd</command> daemons.</para>
[0482b01]9<para><parameter>--prefix=/usr</parameter>: Sets the prefix for almost
10all the file paths to <filename class="directory">/usr</filename>.</para>
[0482b01]12<para><parameter>--sysconfdir=/etc</parameter>: Sets the configuration
13file directory to avoid the default of <filename class="directory">/usr/etc</filename>.</para>
[0482b01]15<para><parameter>--localstatedir=/var</parameter>: Sets the variable
16data directory to avoid the default of <filename class="directory">/usr/var</filename>.</para>
[0482b01]18<para><option>--with-fhs</option>: Assigns all other file paths in a manner
19compliant with the Filesystem Hierarchy Standard (<acronym>FHS</acronym>).</para>
[0482b01]21<para><option>--with-smbmount</option>: Orders the creation of an extra
[40330fcd]22binary for use by the <command>mount</command> command so that mounting remote
23<acronym>SMB</acronym> (windows) shares becomes no more complex than mounting
24remote <acronym>NFS</acronym> shares.</para>
[0482b01]26<para><command>rm -rf /usr/private</command>: Removes a directory
[2277d1bb]27erroneously created by <filename>source/scripts/</filename> during the make install.</para>
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