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Added freetype2 to xfree86; removed objprelink from kde; Update kde to 3.0.3

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2<title>Command explanations</title>
4<para><userinput>make World 2&gt;&amp;1 | tee xfree-compile.log &amp;&amp;</userinput>:
5This command runs multiple makefiles to completely rebuild the system.
6<userinput>2&gt;&amp;1</userinput> redirects error messages to the same location
7as normal output. The <userinput>tee</userinput> command allows viewing of
8the output while logging the results to a file.</para>
10<note><para>When rebuildng, a separate command that may be used if only minor
11changes are made to the sources is <userinput>make
12Everything</userinput>. This does not automatically remove generated
13files and only rebuilds those files or programs that are out
14of date.</para></note>
16<para><userinput>ln -sf /usr/X11R6/bin /usr/bin/X11</userinput>,
17<userinput>ln -sf /usr/X11R6/lib/X11 /usr/lib/X11</userinput>, and
18<userinput>ln -sf /usr/X11R6/include/X11 /usr/include/X11</userinput>:
19These commands are present to enable other (broken) packages to build
20against XFree86. We do this even though the Filesystem Hierarchy Standard
22"In general, software must not be installed or managed via the above
23symbolic links. They are intended for utilization by users only."</para></sect2>
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