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2<title>Introduction to XFree86</title>
4<screen>Download location (HTTP): <ulink url="&xfree86-download-http;"/>
5Download location (FTP): <ulink url="&xfree86-download-ftp;"/>
6Version used: &xfree86-version;
7Package size: &xfree86-size;
8Estimated Disk space required: &xfree86-buildsize;
9Estimated build time: 75m (667 MHz)</screen>
12<para>XFree86 is a freely redistributable open-source implementation of the
13X Window System. XFree86 provides a client/server interface between display
14hardware (the mouse, keyboard, and video displays) and the desktop environment
15while also providing both the windowing infrastructure and a standardized
16application interface (API).</para>
18<para><screen>XFree86 depends on:
19<xref linkend="libpng"/></screen></para>
21<para>The following packages are included in the XFree86 package, however they
22are updated more often than the XFree86 package and are highly recommended:
23<screen><xref linkend="expat"/>, <xref linkend="freetype2"/> and <xref linkend="fontconfig"/></screen>
26<note><para>If you choose to not install these separate packages, the
27<filename>host.def</filename> file below will have to be modified to
28instruct XFree86 build them.</para></note>
31<para>There are several files that need to be fetched from the download location:
32<screen>X430src-1.tgz 10736 KB
33X430src-2.tgz 7776 KB
34X430src-3.tgz 12077 KB
35X430src-4.tgz 12604 KB
36X430src-5.tgz 4286 KB
37X430src-6.tgz 7886 KB
38X430src-7.tgz 9099 KB</screen></para>
40<para>You should also download the patch file:
41<ulink url="" /></para>
43<para>The first three packages are the XFree86 programs, the fourth and fifth are fonts,
44the sixth is normal documentation, and the seventh is hardcopy documentation.
45There are also two packages <filename>doctools-1.3.1.tgz</filename>, which
46contain programs to regenerate hardcopy documentation, and
47<filename>utils-1.1.0.tgz</filename>, which contain <filename>gnutar</filename>
48and <filename>zlib</filename> which are already installed on an LFS system.
51<para>To check your downloads for integrity, download the <filename>SUMS.md5sum</filename>
52file. Then:
53<screen>md5sum X430src* &gt; md5sums &amp;&amp;
54diff md5sums SUMS.md5sum</screen>
55The only differences you should see are for <filename>README</filename>,
56<filename>doctools-1.3.1.tgz</filename>, and
57<filename>utils-1.1.0.tgz</filename> files if you did
58not download them.
61<para>The fixes subdirectory also has a SUMS.md5sum and this can be checked against
62the patch file:
63<screen>md5sum 4.3.0-</screen></para>
65<para>After unpacking the <filename>X430src-?.tgz</filename> files, change to the
66<filename>xc</filename> directory and run:
67<screen>bunzip2 4.3.0- &amp;&amp;
68patch -Np1 -i 4.3.0-</screen></para>
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